The ten finest games to bear the Final Fantasy name

It’s one of the most iconic names in the games industry. Square Enix needs only slap “Final Fantasy” on the box to almost guarantee to generate a fever hype behind the game.

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PhoenixUp1045d ago

I really wish we had a FFXII HD

Rebel_Scum1045d ago

lol, dudes worried about getting chewed out for mentioning Lightning Returns but fails to include any of the FF's from VI to IX. Madness indeed!

WongAidan1045d ago

No need to include those because everyone knows they the best Final Fantasy games. IX being my favourite. Final Fantasy XIII series is just shockingly bad!

Sly-Lupin1045d ago

You're kidding, right?

Good grief.

NapalmSanctuary1044d ago

lol what?! That is one sad list of games...