How to fix Madden

"When the video game industry first began to peek it's head out of the hell hole that was the E.T. induced 1983 crash, some bimbo came up with the hypothesis that if a man were to blend a decent football game with an NFL license, mountains upon mountains of cash would spontaneously appear in his lap. After Tecmo Bowl proved that the idea was not only fruitful, but pure genius, more and more NFL franchises spawned, and this fusion of the NFL and video games become synonymous with high expectations, bragging rights, fountains of variety, and an untapped level of pure fun. Then came 2005."

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gonzodamus4327d ago

Some good ideas in there. I'd still rather have my 2K football though!

deeznuts4327d ago

My favorite all time was NFL Blitz. Lots of drinking of whole beers. 1/2 beers, and shots were made because someone lost at Blitz.

In college we use to play a game before we went shopping. Loser had to carry all sodas, waters and beer from the car to the apartment (as anyone knows, those things are heavy when you're buying a lot of it).

dxmnecro4327d ago

Madden 09 might be half decent, but they definitely need some drastic improvements.

n00bFRAGGER4327d ago

I lol'd at the picture of Madden in the hole. "Hey, how did I get in here?"

giantchicken4327d ago

He's even funnier when he's with Al Micheals talking about Turkey Legs.

hokiebonoz4327d ago

I hate John Madden and his games....NCAA FTW

NegativeCreep4274327d ago

I hate John Madden and all his stupid attempts at sales pitches that have nothing to do with football.

Boldy4327d ago

Don't forget about this one NegativeCreep427

AzzidReign4327d ago

It just seems to be the same thing, year after year. They should just update the athletes attributes and allow you to download an updated draft... [/my 2 cents]

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The story is too old to be commented.