Gamer 2.0 Review: Elefunk

Chris Selogy:

''t seems like puzzle games these days come in all sorts of forms, from your typical block-dropping Tetris clones to games that rely on the use of physics as a puzzle itself. Elefunk leans heavily on the latter side of the puzzle fence, with a mixture of elephants, bridge-building, and physics that makes for a rather simple game that may stump those without a sharp mind. Is it worth it to build bridges for elephants or should you spend your money elsewhere?

The easiest description of how Elefunk works is to liken it to Lemmings with bridges. You're not directing the elephants to build the bridges themselves, but it's really you the gamer that's given that seemingly simple task. Technically, you're not really building the bridges, but placing girders to give the already laid out bridges the support the elephants require to cross them. So you must pay attention to what pieces you have available to you and figure out where you need to lay them down so the bridge doesn't fall apart as the elephant walks across. It's a bit difficult to grasp at first, but as you learn where certain pieces work best and as long as you can learn from the many mistakes you'll make at first, you'll be able to tackle later levels as best as you can.''

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