Loot Ninja Review: Elefunk

Loot Ninja writes: "There are arcade puzzle games for everyone. Some of us like a little challenge that involves moving some shapes around or matching something up. In Elefunk, you better bring your engineering shoes. The premise of the game is simple: get the elephant across the bridge without the bridge collapsing. In practice, it can be very difficult. Elefunk does the little things very well. The game looks better than average for a PSN title and the music is fun but can get a little stale. I don't see how they get the "funk" part, but the game has a goofy feel to it, which to some people can be refreshing.

The gameplay is not really a factor because this is a puzzle game. You get different types of pieces and are given the job to either connect, repair, or build a bridge or series of bridges that connect across the abyss. Now, you will fail. A lot. The first few times the elephants fall down its funny. Then, it gets annoying. The game is a lot of trial and error and that takes away. As the puzzles get more and more complicated, there are multitple ways to solve, but you probably won't venture new ideas due to the overall difficulty."

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