ZTGD Review: Elefunk

+ Engaging gameplay
+ Unique experience on PSN
+ Hella cheap

- Not so much a learning curve as a wall
- Presentation lacks polish
- No trophies

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Silogon4314d ago

It's 5 bucks! what the hell do you expect for 5 bucks!? I've spent more in claw machines and gumball machines than that. These idiots who think they can review games think they can use the same guidelines and principals for PSN games as they do full on big budget games and you can't.

You have to make a new guideline and rule for these smaller games. you can't rate or grade on the same scale and use the same fundamentals as you do for a 60 dollar game. I'm sorry. You just can't!

This is, yet another reason, why the review system is broken.

RebelExtrm024314d ago

Another con is that the physics in the game suck. I've actually had to make my bridges less architecturally rigid in order for it work. It defies natures laws..?