Quantum Break To Run At 1080p On Xbox One

A presentation hosted by Remedy Entertainment included a document that reveals Quantum Break will run at 1080p. As you can see in the image below, shadows and lighting within the game are evaluated at a resolution of 720p but the actual image will be in 1080p. This may have been the source of some confusion for other media outlets who erroneously reported that the game will run in 720p on Xbox One. Remedy has also confirmed that Quantum Break will have a frame rate on par with other third person shooters at 30fps.

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christocolus1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

This game looks insane. 1080p or not it still looks stunning and i'm getting it day one. I don't know how Remedy were able to pull this off.The graphics and visual effects are on a whole other level.I think other devs working on Xbox one games need to take some lessons from Remedy,also hats off to Remedy for winning the Best Console Graphics and Best Rendering Technology award at SIGGRAPH 2015 . well deserved...cant wait to play QB.

for those looking for hi-res versions of the Gamescom Demo.check out the link below

AngelicIceDiamond1926d ago

1080p but yet still yet to manage all those ridiculous physics? Very impressive curious on the fps.

Either way I'm glad too see nothing but upgrades from the reveal from 2 years ago. The game literally looked better and better each year.

@Chris yeah the lvl of attention to detail in that pic is impressive. You can see every detail lol.

I can't wait to get this game for sure.

christocolus1926d ago


Spot on. Check out the detail on Jack's hair, the shotgun,the ripple effects and the lighting is awesome. I think they had to work really hard on the graphics because of the live action segments and whatever they did paid off. the entire thing looks really good.

Remedy's Greg Louden worked on the visual effects in the movie 'Gravity" so its no surprise really.

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donthate1926d ago

I am continually blown by this game!

I cannot believe how far ahead Remedy is to other studios around.

I am very surprised by Remedy, and cannot wait to play this game.

It's a great time to be an Xbox One gamer. Jump in!!! :D

Genuine-User1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Well, I'll be damned. Remedy are a talented bunch!

Day one no doubt.

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freshslicepizza1926d ago

quite impressive how far the xbox one has come and how much better this game now looks. that short image scene looks awesome, thanks.

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NewMonday1926d ago

" shadows and lighting within the game are evaluated at a resolution of 720p"

so its like up-scaling? not much point to 1080p if the image resource quality is lowered

Kingthrash3601926d ago

I got an xbox one for this game..happy it's turning out to be as good as I thought it would.

UkrainianWarrior1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

"NewMonday + 1h ago Bubble vote added
" shadows and lighting within the game are evaluated at a resolution of 720p"

so its like up-scaling? not much point to 1080p if the image resource quality is lowered"

- Uh, no, dummy. This is how most game development works, even on the PS4 titles.

ChickeyCantor1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

" so its like up-scaling? not much point to 1080p if the image resource quality is lowered"

If they are using deferred shading/lightning they are probably rendering shadow and lightning to a buffer that is half the size. They then scale that buffer to target size and apply it to the buffer that has rendered geometry/textures/shaders.

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Kal0psia1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Innovative rendering features abound! Can't wait for other artists to jump on board and go wild with Dx12.

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MCTJim1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

This game is going to push the system to its fullest when it releases. The resolution didnt matter just from looking at it in motion...everything from the textures down to the smallest particle effects screams buy me.

Oh and congrats to Remedy on winning this: Best Console Graphics award at SIGGRAPH 2015 as well a nod for Best Rendering Technology at the same event.

MrSec841926d ago

Remedy hasn't won that award, it's claimed on the SoloXBox forum that they did, but looking on Siggraph's own website there was no such award given.

SoloXbox is a forum, not a source from Siggraph.

MeliMel1926d ago

Wait they won best console graphics and rendering tech? For what game? Because there was another notable exclusive from a rival console at siggraph. So if true mad props to Remedy.

d_g1926d ago

agree this game shows what Xbox one can do even at 1080p resolution

everything in Quantum Break looks amazing the animations,physics,Explosions, Lighting....etc

Kingdomcome2471926d ago

I've always loved that first gif, and the attention to detail with the animations. Notice how whenever he does the time dash how he loses his center of gravity, and only has the one hand on the gun. As soon as he regains his balance to square up, the other hand comes up to the gun.

christocolus1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )


Man those gifs are pretty cool. The second gif captures the atmosphere perfectly.This game will have an amazing story to go along with the amazing graphics and gameplay.


Nice catch. I never noticed that until

Kingdomcome2471926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

The attention to detail is insane. Look at the bits of debri/dust whenever the bullets graze the steel girders that he takes cover behind against that final Monarch enemy with the time manipulation apparatus. This is also two years in a row that an Xbox One game has won best console graphics at the Siggraph awards.

Magicite1926d ago

It looks impressive for x1, but not insane.

Kingdomcome2471926d ago

I'm not sure if you meant that it looks impressive for being on the Xbox One, but I'd say that it looks rather impressive in general. The Siggraph people seemed to be pretty impressed as well.

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Automatic791926d ago Show
Automatic791926d ago

Wow between RYSE and Quantum Break winning awards there is no doubt that Xbox One is a more then capable system. To third party developers who have yet to give Xbox One the proper care in regards to developing and resolution take note.

jb2271926d ago

Just hoping that the graphical fidelity of QB doesn't lend itself to being as short of an experience as Ryse was. I'd take a epic compelling campaign with decent graphics over a short underwhelming one w/ amazing graphics anyday. It's always the master class devs like Remedy & Naughty Dog that push the gaming medium early on in the gen, third parties will eventually catch up but it'll definitely take some time. Hard to expect many devs to reach the caliber of Remedy in this day & age in all honesty.

UkrainianWarrior1926d ago

Ryse, Quantum Break and Forza 6 all look amazing.

butchertroll1926d ago

What "final image" actually means? Something like Konami said for PES 2016?

d_g1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

this is remedy not Konami

343_Guilty_Spark1926d ago

Probably blasphemy here but QB looks a bit more impressive than UC4 which prior to GAMESCON I Thought was the best looking game this gen.

Christopher1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I'll just say I disagree completely with your assessment.

Uncharted 4 looks phenomenal and way and above other games on 8th gen consoles right now (nothing compared to some PC titles, though). Thing is, for me, gameplay in QB looks better than Uncharted 4. Not that many 3rd person shooters don't tend to have better/more diverse/more replayable gameplay than Uncharted.

TheCommentator1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )


Sorry, dude. Uncharted doesn't look that impressive. Even GTA V looks better and it's a port of last gen. TR and QB are both beyond U4 visually.

ramiuk11926d ago

this is the game thats got me wanting a xb1,but i expect to get one at xmas when tomb raider releases.

really pleased with MS upping there game so much,I had ps4 since launch and Sony needs to do more.

oxybulle1926d ago

Remedy didn't win anything at SIGGRAPH 2015.

This is the list of award.

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butchertroll1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

What the hell??? Remedy DIDN'T RECEIVED any award at SIGGRAPH :


BallsEye1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

People around here have no idea how much processing power is needed for geometry to bend everywhere like it is in QB. This game is already a technical masterpiece.

On a side note. I still would choose 900 60FPS over 1080p 30 as on big screen this resolution makes no difference.

UkrainianWarrior1925d ago

Unfortunately 900/60 needs 1.5 times the resources that 1080/30 does. You're dropping rez by 40% but increasing framerate by 200%.

magiciandude1925d ago

1080p, 900p, or even 720p, this game will be mine either way. :)

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TheGreatGamer1926d ago ShowReplies(4)
Fro_xoxo1926d ago

Whatever the resolution it would be a day one purchase regardless..

1080p or not, It won't take away from the quality of the overall game.

1080p doesn't equal graphics, it's just another attribute of it.


jb2271926d ago

Its all about the actual art...the graphical fidelity can only clean up a turd so much. When you have guys as talented at building worlds as Remedy is, resolution is an absolute afterthought. I'm just hoping that the campaign is lengthy and varied in gameplay and that we have a lot of stunning environments to look at, be that in 1080p, 900p or 720p...true artists aren't hindered by the quality of their tools.

JJShredder1926d ago

C'mon people..... A "document" is all that's needed for proof or the disproval of things around here??

Until Remedy states it themselves through a official press release, let's not fuel this anymore than it already will.

Day one buy regardless....huge fan of Alan Wake.

Mystogan1926d ago

It's an official document, if anything an OFFICIAL document is more trustworthy than A statement from remedy themselves. People can lie. Documents don't.

JJShredder1926d ago

Wait, don't "People" create these documents?

Nice logic.

Angeljuice1926d ago


I have a document fresh from the printer saying that you owe me $50,000. Documents don't lie, PAY UP NOW!

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quaneylfc1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I've just said this same thing on an anti-Xbox link and I'll say it again...

...Who cares about the resolution? It isn't important.

It has unique gameplay and a concentration in story telling, that is rare nowadays for a AAA game and is enough to warrant a purchase. It could be this gen's Bioshock.

CYCLEGAMER1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago ) is important, but not for the reasons most would think. Its important for public perception. The PERCEPTION is that the xbox one is weak and it cannot do 1080p, but its competition can. As you can see...public perception means everything in this business which is why MS has been focused on changing those negative perceptions since 2013. In REALITY...native 1080p isn't that big of a deal considering most cannot even tell the difference (which is why digital foundry exist).

This is just a classic case of perception vs. reality.

Christopher1926d ago

I agree both can do 1080p. I agree both have their strengths and weaknesses. I disagree that 1080p isn't that big of a deal. Just as I'd disagree that 30/60 fps capabilities weren't a big deal either.

As far as perception vs reality, the reality is still that one struggles to hit 1080p while the other struggles to maintain a locked FPS. That's just the facts. There's no way about it and no perception to it.

The sooner gamers just realize that being different isn't being bad or lesser, the sooner we can get to just playing games based on our preferences and not playing cheerleader for our bias.


I say it's not that big of a deal because in reality it isnt. No one is playing a game in sub 1080p unless you are playing on a pc and have your game set to play at that resolution. These consoles have upscaler chips in them that make the difference between native 1080p and upscaled 1080p almost undetectable to the human eye. Why do you think no one noticed that killzone wasn't 1080p? We need to rely on sites like digital foundry to tell us was the resolution is. Fps on the other hand actually affects gameplay. Gameplay is king for me with these new consoles.

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