Ryse: Son of Rome wins SIGGRAPH Award for Best Real-Time Graphics

Ryse: Son of Rome, Crytek’s exhilarating next-gen title, has earned itself a prestigious SIGGRAPH award for Best Real-Time Graphics.

Ryse was released last November for Xbox One, and has impressed players and press around the world with its groundbreaking visuals. During the game’s development there was a special emphasis on realistic characters and immersive story-telling; all of which helped to catch the eye of SIGGRAPH's judging panel and earn Ryse a top spot in their Computer Animation Festival awards.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1202d ago

No denying the game looks amazing. It's the gameplay that was repetitive and bad.

Sonital1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Graphics were fantastic but as for the combat, I totally agree.

Y, X, X, Y, X, RT + Kill combo downed everything except bosses.

If a sequel ever arrives then I really hope they evolves the combat into something as epic as GoW.

lifeisgamesok1202d ago

If you play it on the harder difficulties it is nothing like you just described

You have to master your timing and be ready to deflect

You even have to get QTE's right to gain health and focus (God powers) back

Well deserved for best graphics. It is the most realistic and natural looking current gen game

No area/level can beat The King level in terms of graphics

Sonital1202d ago

@lifeisgamesok You're totally right and I did only play it on the normal mode.

However, while I appreciate that the timing element came with the harder difficulties, that doesn't really change the limited variety of moves.

Adding the timing element for me would only add frustration to something that was already fairly repetitive. Hence why I didn't play it through again.

One other thing I would call out aside from the quality graphics though was the style of story telling. It was awesome!

4Sh0w1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Congrats to Crytek, although repetitive Ryse was actually really fun, the voice acting was superb, the environments were spot on and the story is one of the most underrated in gaming...As for Ryse graphics, they immediately set the bar for next gen right out of the gate and even now continue to showcase what's possible in great visuals regardless of pixel count, so this award is truly well deserved.

starchild1202d ago

Well, I still haven't had the chance to personally play it so I can't comment on the gameplay too much, but I have seen it being played and I was thoroughly impressed by the visuals. Well deserved award.

mwjw6961202d ago

@Lord Maim Troll fail

An article from June for the demo at E3, and an article from the Aussie that bitches about every single game ever made. Ok try harder next time, its clear you have never played the game.

IVanSpinal1202d ago

I prefer the original Ninja Gaiden combat

MorePowerOfGreen1202d ago

I think everybody knew this hence the attacks and the drama that surrounded this game from the minute it was shown. Fanboys were in shock, then disbelief, then denial and finally on the attack.

XBLSkull1202d ago

Still the best looking console game ever released.

slasaru011202d ago

Lol, this is a big combination you showed. While GOW you can walkthrough pressing just one button.

ShinMaster1202d ago

Ryse is the perfect example of which direction games SHOULD NOT go.

cee7731202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Is there anyone left at Crytek to accept the award?

Prime1571202d ago

This always made me laugh:

Crytek has always made pretty games, gj.

abstractel1202d ago

I agree that the graphics were great and the gameplay was super repetitive. But I feel Infamous Second Son was a way better looking game. It had an open environment instead of linear paths and except for that one "hell" level (that doesn't spoil anything) it was fantastic looking with different times of day, awesome particle effects, lighting, textures, shaders and destruction. I feel Crytek won the award because of Cryengine rather than objective judgement.

FriedGoat1201d ago


Infamous does indeed look better.

Kumomeme1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

well that might be because the crytek ceo saying that game is about 60% graphics and 40% gameplay

mmcglasson1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


I agree. I also think that MGS and Killzone look better than Ryse as well. They run at a much better FPS, they look just as good if not better, and have much better gameplay. Killzone is not a Third Person game though. So comparing Rise to Infamous or MGS would probably be better idea. Infamous is an open environment (unlike Ryse) and has a very solid FPS, gameplay, and how about them graphics (only thing I'd knock Infamous for is the vehicle graphics).

InMyOpinion1201d ago

I played and actually enjoyed Ryse, but when it comes to graphics Infamous: Second Son is the game that should get the award.

Perhaps it got released too late to be nominated?

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amiga-man1202d ago

Well you can't deny Crytek have always pushed some great graphics, while it is also fair to say gameplay in their games can be a little lacking.

Graphically you can't knock this game, so a fair enough award

DevilOgreFish1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

The_Infected - "
No denying the game looks amazing. It's the gameplay that was repetitive and bad."

I'd say The fighting was pretty accurate of the times. maybe a little stiff with the transitions if that's what you mean. the Romans used short swords and weren't skilled in wushu or any other type of sword art.

slashing, plunging, shielding and formations was all what they did back in the day.

abstractel1202d ago

Point is that as a game the gameplay was repetitive. Doesn't matter if it was realistic (which I would also dispute).

Eddie201011202d ago

Ryse looked really good if you were just looking at stills of the game, in motion it looked and felt really clunky, couldn't get over the bad character animation.

DevilOgreFish1202d ago

"Ryse: Son of Rome wins SIGGRAPH Award for Best Real-Time Graphics"

Good for them. I wouldn't say the award was not deserving, i'd say they did cheated a little to get it. Ryse runs on an engine that was not built from the ground up on the XB1.

The engine it runs on has been around for many years. so any game running the same engine has just as good possibility as Ryse.

DevilOgreFish1202d ago

it depends, i would say they use short cuts. Ryse uses their proprietary foliage assets found in crysis 2 and 3.

any game using crysis 3's foliage and trees will automatically look pretty. and Ryse really does look pretty.

DoubleM701202d ago

what are you talking about? The game would probably run better on a next gen engine. All of these games have been running off old engines in this first generation of games. If it become a sequal I would be real scary about this game because it looks fantastic.

equal_youth1202d ago

agreed the gameplay was repetitive and don't i don't even like to think about all these clone warriors your fighting against but on the graphical part is was truly amazing. but oh that gameplay... :o

chrisarsenalsavart1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

The gameplay was not groundbreaking but it still was great fun a la GOD OF WAR. My first xbox1 game and I did not regret buying it. A great launch game that showcase what the machine can do. Great exclusive and if they can improve on the repetitive feel of the game and the over the board qte, the sequel should be a gem.

BattleTorn1202d ago

Yes. Very God of War like. I liked both, and am not a typical fan a either.

Whenever I see someone try to make claims of the 'skill' the game requires - I just imagine someone making the same claims with God of War.

Yes - there may be skill to it - but that doesn't change that it isn't require to get through it.

Ausbo1202d ago

How is this possible though? I thought the Xbox was underpowered and a piece of garbage?

Anonagrog1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

"Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques". That's what 'Siggraph' means.

Here the RT award can be considered hardware agnostic insofar as the techniques employed with said hardware were technically innovative and impressive for the time.

P.s. Now, although your comment may be clear /s to some, one can never be too certain on this site! >.<

700p1202d ago

@The_Infected umm the gameplay wasnt bad at all. Just the combat was repetitive.

ramiuk11201d ago

im ps4 owner and bro inlaw brought his xbone round,looked great on my 47" tv but on 106" screen it looked a little low res/washed out,but the textures was awesome .

i even liked the game afair bit but made me realise how much i miss God of war .

spicelicka1201d ago

The gameplay was repetitive, but what hack n slash games aren't repetitive think about it. I think the real reason was due to a lack of weapons and enemy types. We literally used one weapon the whole game, and faced regular humans the while time.

That being said the game was wayy better than I would've thought, story and writing was awesomee. I can't believe I played through it all without realizing. The ratings it got are pretty ridiculous, it was a great game.

BallsEye1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

It is extremely simple but I actually love it. Still kicking butts in MP. The game got very strong atmosphere. Storytelling was one of best this gen as well. I couldn't remember last time I actually cared about protagonist and other characters in game. Ryse changed that. I mean, look at that! You can see emotion in his eyes, something very rare for a video game:

Play the campaign, it's epic. I've finished it 6 times :o....disagree all you want but Ryse is actually in my top 3 this gen so far. You gotta play it to appreciate it. Youtube videos don't count.

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Kayant1202d ago

Well deserved. Great achievement by them in terms of graphics for a launch title.

christocolus1202d ago

Congrats to Crytek....well deserved. Enjoyed that game. The storyline was great and the gameplay got a little repetitive but still enjoyed playing it through.. and my those graphics...yum

I hope MS and Crytek can reach an agreement and get a sequel out soon enough. The ip has so much potential..