Quake Con Keynote -- Live Blog

Choice quotes:
"iPhone is more powerful than the DS and PSP put together."
"By the the time that DOOM 4 ships to consoles, PC will be light years ahead of current consoles. In this case, the PC version will support significant visual improvements over 360 or PS3 versions. Rage, on the other hand, will more or less look the same across all platforms it's available on."

And probably the most controversial part of the round up:

Shane: "He says that from id's point of view, 360's hardware is superior to PS3's but that BluRay's capacity gives Sony's system an important edge, especially for large game worlds like Rage's."

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Ogrekiller4324d ago

The damage control starts here.

Viktor E4324d ago

The iPhone is definitely a powerful device,obviously it's a phone and not a gaming platform,so we can't tell how powerful it is until we start seeing the big games running on it(I think square might be developing something unique for apples baby)

morganfell4323d ago

Well you had better get busy because this is just another slapping for the 360.

Viktor E4324d ago

Damn he just pretty much confirmed GTA 4 was sized down due to DVD 9,and he doesn't work for Rockstar Lol

Martini4324d ago

He also confirmed the 360 is the better hardware.

kittoo4323d ago

He says 'Xbox360 hardware is better from a developers perspective'
which basically means its easy to develop for. We all know that. What new there?
He didnt say '360 is more powerful'

King_many_layers4323d ago

what's your point Mart ??

The Ghostbusters devs said they could have put much more on screen if they kept it Ps3 exclusive. It's all down to experience and preference.

Plus, it's exclusive games that show the systems worth IMO and Sony's games don't seem to be struggling at all.

morganfell4323d ago

Exactly Kittoo because Carmack, the Man, has already stated the PS3 was more powerful.

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Panthers4323d ago

I remember the other story saying that it would cost a ton more for royalties to make it a 3 disc game for 360. Why would M$ do that? Just let them use 3 DVDs instead of 2 and it will look better.