Days Gone Studio's New IP Is a Live-Service Game

Days Gone developer appears to be moving well outside its comfort zone in order to join Sony's ongoing foray into live-service games.

Admin note: Updated this to rumor. Job listings can be a good indicator, but let's remember nothing is final until officially announced. ~Christopher

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Sonic188163d ago

This game will determine the fate of Sony Bend. Not looking to good if it's a live service game.

Lightning7763d ago

That's the regime within Sony to have some of their studios make a LS games.

_SilverHawk_63d ago

Days gone is an amazing game which I believe was unfairly criticized for things a lot of other games gets a pass for. The game is very good but had a few bugs on launch that was quickly patched the day of release. There are so many games that took months to iron out most of the bugs that are highly praised so I can understand if the dev team decides to go a different route.

It's a tricky thing to try to make a sequel of a game because I've seen sequels improve a lot over the first game with new worlds and mechanics and get lower review scores while other games sequel have the same world with minor changes but get better review scores. Whatever the days gone developers are making I believe will be a good game because I know they are a good game studio.

sushimama62d ago

Helldivers 2 proves you can make fun live service games that don't feel like they're nickle and diming you. I am optimistic

Magic_Spatula62d ago

Yea. That has been planned for years.

S2Killinit61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

No, Sony is not allowed to have LS. Everyone else yes, but Sony is not allowed. We wont allow it.

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sushimama62d ago

Why? It's obvious at this point of what not to do when making a live service game. Plus you can see from Helldivers 2 that fun games can be made that don't feel like Microtransactions are weighing you or the game down.

GhostScholar62d ago

For every helldivers 2 there are so many that aren’t good. Let’s not assume every sony live service game is gonna be helldivers 2.

--Onilink--61d ago

To be fair, while Helldivers 2 has been great and quite successful, its only been out for a month and a half.

Its success from a launch standpoint has already been proven, but whether it succeeds as a Live Service game (in particular as one to be used as a model for others) is not really something we know yet.

The whole point of devs and publishers going for live service is the consistent revenue they provide over several years, not just 1-2 months

porkChop61d ago

It's been obvious for years though. That hasn't stopped dozens of live service games crashing and burning on release for making the same mistakes again and again. This industry doesn't learn.

S2Killinit62d ago

Why is it automatically bad? Maybe its a good game. I reserve my judgement until we see it.

ThePacemaker62d ago

Unless it is a hit like Helldivers ||, the studio will not survive unfortunately.

Redemption-6461d ago

That is a lie. They can make a single player that players would claim they want, but would not support. They can make a good live service game like Helldivers 2. As long the game is good and the mtx are not bad, the game will do well. Their last game was a single-player game, yet most only got the game when it was heavily discounted.

DarXyde61d ago

Quite unfortunate.

Sony really should not be asking their long time studios to be making these games. Haven, Bungie, fine. Not Bend.

Obscure_Observer61d ago

"Not looking to good if it's a live service game."

It´s Amazing news!

It could be a spiritual successor to Syphon Filter with multiplayer/co-op mechanics.

Bring it on, Bend!

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-Foxtrot63d ago

I'm going to say this as someone who really enjoyed Days Gone

Why would you go and create an open world, multiplayer game with live service elements if you're previous game which was only a single player title came out flawed?

Wouldn't you want to create a new single player game to refine and fix your last mistakes to master what you were going for the first time before jumping into uncharted territories with online, multiplayer and live service which is a completely different beast entirely.

I can't be the only who thinks this right?

Just seems like your setting yourself up for failure in my opinion, you're giving yourself and your team bigger challenges to overcome in an already oversaturated market, a market where live service games made by people who are used to online and multiplayer are even struggling themselves.

It might be good, who knows, but at the moment it just seems they are biting off more than they can chew.

isarai63d ago

Wasn't up to them, it's Jim's orders

phoenixwing62d ago

Isarai is completely right. bend already had wanted to do the sequel which is why the one guy stepped down from their studio because he didn't get to. Their marching orders were to do this from Sony.

JackBNimble62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

That doesn't take away from the fact that when this LS fails , that Bend will be dismantled whether Ryan gave the "marching orders" or not.

just_looken62d ago

Though you are right like Isarai said sony wanted 12 live service games asap they have no say in the matter just work for there over lords like isomiac in there marvel slave factory.

phoenixwing62d ago

honestly having to make marvel games isn't so bad, there's a diverse lineup of characters to choose from. what's really bad about it is that they have to consult with sweet baby inc about political crap to add to their games or take away from it

Nooderus62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

That's a nasty little run on sentence with misspellings.

just_looken61d ago


Its not making marvel games its about the leak were even into mid ps6 we wil still be getting spiderman/wolverine from a dev studio that once did infamous and of course the ratchet games.

But no everyday they go to work on 2 ips for the next 8+years

victorMaje62d ago

Yup as others mentioned, not up to them.
My only hope now is for Bend to hold on & make it to a time & state that will allow them to properly start working on Days Gone 2.

jznrpg62d ago

The pitch for Days Gone 2 was a multiplayer game as well .

MrCrimson62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

They just see their competitors profits and want to replicate. They ask all these studios to do something they've never done before and the results are exactly as you would expect (lacking). This has been happening for a decade in the industry. Dice and Battlefront/Battlefield are the best example.