It's time for the world to rediscover the magic of Final Fantasy 12


"A few weeks ago, Arnie Roth, a composer for the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert, unceremoniously let slip plans for a Final Fantasy 12 remake or remaster- a statement that was quickly squashed a few days later. Gamescom came and went with no official announcements from Square Enix on an updated Final Fantasy 12, leading everyone to wonder why the hell Roth would even bother mentioning something at all. It's a real damn shame, too, because I can't think of a game more deserving of a second shot than this JRPG classic."

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DarkOcelet1152d ago

I honestly am surprised by the amount of people who didn't like it or couldn't get into it.

It was truly a masterpiece and one of the best games i have ever played and favorite FF game.

Hiroyuki Ito (The director of FFXII) should handle FFXVI. The guy deserves a chance to make another awesome entry.