Tekken 7 Videos Feature Lucky Chloe, Shaheen, Gigas And Claudio

One Angry Gamer "One of the videos features an entire half hour of nothing but Lucky Chloe... her shrill voice echoing throughout the arena after every hit and every combo, as well as that bouncy personality filling up the screen with all her otaku-driven charm."

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alti1244d ago

If you youtube "tekken 7 crash", there is legit hours and hours of this stuff being played by pseudo-pros in japan. It's impossibly entertaining, if you're a tekken fan.

And it has exciting asian commentary, which is always welcomed. Not much of a fan of the random, bland one liners in the first (or all) videos posted after the jump). But thanks for collecting these.

Hoffmann1244d ago

Why the fuck is the game not ported to Playstation and Xbox already.

generic-user-name1244d ago

Where is my PS4 release date?

Sonyslave31244d ago

The Champion of fighting games baby Tekken look good

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