Pokemon Battle Revolution Online Gameplay Video

We head online to battle in the newly released Japanese Wii version of Pokemon Battle Revolution.

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jacen10006425d ago

so is the wii playing games online in japan then at the moment wish it would hurry up here.


Pokemon Battle Revolution: Why it Deserves More Recognition for Its Animation Quality

While it was received poorly at the time, Pokemon Battle Revolution is being remembered with newfound appreciation in light of the ongoing conversation about the animation quality in the Pokemon series.

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jambola449d ago

I'm sure it was good in certain ways, and honestly not a bad game
Just felt like a huge disappointing step back from games like colleseum and xr, and honestly
Even stadium
No mini games etc

gold_drake449d ago

it was definitely.

it just felt like a let down when u consider the coliseum and Stadium games.

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amaguli4277d ago

Some interesting choices you got there, but I totally agree with Fire Emblem, Sonic Colors, and Tales of Symphonia.

thorstein4277d ago

I would add the following:

MySims Agents
Raving Rabbids Go Home
Kirby's Epic Yarn (I am pretty sure many people overlooked this one.)

I still play Fire Emblem, it is fantastic!

Nerdmaster4277d ago

I bought MadWorld, but I didn't think it was very fun, so I sold it.

"Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World" has the best monster capture mechanic in any RPG I ever played (except for Pokémon) and it's one of the only two Tales games that I finished (the other one is the first Tales of Symphonia).

Someday I will buy Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Colors. Someday...

I_LOVE_MYSELF4277d ago

I was disappointed with Madworld, but I only spent 3quid on it. I feel I have missed out on Metroid Other M so I will have to pick that up soon.


New "New Play Control": Can the Wii U reimagine some DS classics?

What if Nintendo brought back its "New Play Control" series for the Wii U? Could we see some new ways to play some DS favorites?

PopRocks3594426d ago

Personally I'd prefer it if they continued the tradition of making the console able to play your handheld games. Super Gameboy on SNES, Gameboy player on GCN for some examples.

Seriously, Kid Icarus Uprising or Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D upscaled on my TV... 'nuff said.

ShinMaster4425d ago

Wii U needed at least a couple of new Nintendo exclusive games to sell me into buying one. Not multiplatform games or HD versions of older games Nintendo games.