Pokemon: A Sales History

VGChartz - "Welcome to a new regular feature here on VGChartz, where we dissect the sales - past, present and future - of the biggest franchises in the industry. Today we'll be looking at one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, Pokemon. Watch out for other history lessons on Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil coming soon. If you would like to nominate one of your favourite franchises for analysis please leave a comment below; let your voice be heard!"

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Kran4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Most popular in America?

Thats a surprise o.O Mind you it is VGChartz

captain-obvious4280d ago

am i the only one that thinks pokemon games sucks ass AND stupid ???

like how many times i try to get into it
i just cant

El_Colombiano4280d ago

Pokemon would have to account for about a quarter of my entire childhood.

captain-obvious4280d ago

i only like the first season of the cartoon
the rest feels like ...... there where rehashing it over and over and over and over
even if they changed characters and stories
its just doesn't feel the same

games wise
i didnt like any pokemon game

Squatch834280d ago

Yeah, the first series of the anime was the best.

Personally, i think the second gen of games (GSC) were the best. Went downhill after that. Although the Gold and Silver remakes were good too.

After all the hype for Pokemon Black, i was expecting a lot form them, but i got burnt. I dont think ill be returning for the next gen.

jacksonmichael4280d ago

I agree about Gold, Silver and Crystal. I'll keep coming back, though. Especially if they let me bring in my older generation Pokemon before I finish the story next time. Still bitter about that in Black/White.

8bit_Nes_Rambo4280d ago

Lol! Bigger than CoD. I love the fact that a kids game beat it out.

NYC_Gamer4280d ago

this franchise never changes its always the same crap over and over every year.....typical Nintendo..