A History of Pokemon Spinoff Games

With the release of Pokemon Rumble Blast on Sunday, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at all of the spin-off Pokemon games. Instead of looking at the games named after colors that focus on catching and raising Pokemon, we will shine the spotlight on the games that have you taking pictures of Pokemon, playing a card game or actually being a Pokemon. By Jason of Trendygamers.

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Esperino4176d ago

Pokemon has come a long way from when I remember first seeing a small add for it in a magazine so many years ago. I would never have guessed the catch phrase "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" would becoming a hit. :|

TrendyGamers4176d ago

And I've caught them all so many times and cant wait to catch even more!

BootHammer4176d ago

Nice recap article! This series sure has been popular.

TrendyGamers4176d ago

Yeah, tons of million selling games and the longest running animated show episode wise.

3GenGames4176d ago (Edited 4176d ago )

Damn, I can't believe how this artcle says Snap is over rated, what bull! I still play it, amazingly creative game. And it's flat out fun.

Also weird how all the spinoffs were of pretty darn good quality, all of them and none are even close to bad. :)

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