Rock Band 2 Instrument Evolution

Via Gamespot:

"Rock Band 2's instruments represent a major step forward on numerous fronts. The corded microphone remains largely the same, but both the drums and the guitar have gone wireless. The instruments also received numerous usability upgrades. The changes range from aesthetic design choices all the way up to highly complex auto-calibration features that make the game easier to set up and play on LCDs. The new instruments are also fully backward compatible with the first Rock Band and will be forward compatible with future Rock Band games as well. Harmonix doesn't aim to add features that require users to purchase new instruments with each new game."

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AceLuby4797d ago

If not for the drums I'd put this in the same category as DDR. My buddy can actually play the drums because of this game which is more than I can say for guitar hero. That being said, I also hate this game.