Ten Games That Should Get The Warriors Treatment

In anticipation of Dynasty Warriors 9 this piece explores other game worlds that would work with a Dynasty Warriors makeover.

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Super Mario RPG review (Nintendo Switch): Colorful, charming and chock-full of humor - Beyond Pixels

The 1996 SNES classic returns on Nintendo Switch. There's lots of new aesthetics and features, but still lots of nostalgia as well. Is the weirdly funny and seemingly off-brand game worth its money in 2023?

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20 Years Ago, Super Mario RPG Inspired The Perfect Spiritual Successor

As Super Mario RPG finds new life on Switch, we take a look back at the standout RPG it inspired.

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Games1st14d ago

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Game Boy Advance.


Super Mario RPG Needs To Be More Than a 1:1 Remake

Super Mario RPG's upcoming remake needs to maintain the classic game as much as possible, but new content and extra bosses would make it even better.

Knightofelemia158d ago

A true sequel would be great bring back Square again use Mellow and Gino in a new story.

Nebaku158d ago

The only thing I might add in 1 more party member.

I always felt like "5" in the original was such a weird choice. All the UI had slots for 6 characters. c

On top of that, there are 3 canon Mario characters(Mario, Bowser, Peach), but 2 new ones in Mallow and Geno. I can't help but think there was supposed to be a third that was cut for time.(Croco or Johnny Jones perhaps)

FallenAngel1984158d ago

FFIV & FFV had 5 party members onscreen

Not a weird design choice

gold_drake158d ago

ff5 had four members onscreen. not 5

4 did, yes. but it was the only mainline with five party members on the screen.

Nebaku157d ago

Wasn't what I said. I'm talking about overall amount of party members, not how many are on screen.

neomahi158d ago

I don't think so. I think the graphical upgrade is good enough

Servbot41158d ago

If you watched the announcement trailer for more than 10 seconds you'd realize its not 1:1.

Nebaku157d ago

How so? Visually, it's as 1:1 as you can humanly get. They literally recreated scenes part for part in full 3d.

As for gameplay, the changes we can see are so incredibly minor. Joystick movement as opposed to d-pad, some chain boosts added during battle, etc.

Servbot41157d ago

There is a limit break-style gauge shown in the battles...