Skyrim Sequel May Not Arrive Until 2019

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Pete Hines doesn’t think we’re close to hearing about the next Elder Scrolls game.

In less than three months, Skyrim will celebrate its fourth anniversary. Fourth anniversary! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this groundbreaking game launched so long ago. Legions of hungry fans still play the game religiously, traveling from Riften to Solitude and all points between, seeking adventure and finding it. The world of Skyrim is imaginary, but it’s a world we all know and love."

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GreetingsfromCanada1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Stop calling it a Skyrim sequel. It's the Elder Scrolls series, for one. Secondly, the next iteration in the series will be in another country, as usual. It would make no sense to put it back in the same place.

Metallox1621d ago

"Were there Skyrim games before Skyrim? O_O"

zeal0us1621d ago

Yes Elder Scroll 3: Skyrim's Morrowind
Elder Scrolls 4: Skyrim's Oblivion
Elder Scrolls 2: Skyrim's Daggerfall

ES don't stand for Elder Scrolls but rather Elder Skryim's Scrolls.

starrman19851621d ago

@zeal0us - That made me laugh!

Can't wait for Skyrim 2: Revenge of the Skyrims

HaydenJameSmith1621d ago

Exactly I hate when people say Skyrim, just shows how ignorant they are about the Elder Scrolls series...

Mykky1621d ago

They are only calling it the Skyrim sequal because a lot of casuals and non gamers don't know what the Elder Scrolls is. Probably why Game of Thrones is no longer called A Song of Ice and Fire.

KionicWarlord2221621d ago

Yeah its a good thing the witcher 3 came out this year. The time the next elder scrolls possibly releases Cyberpunk2077 will be out.

But at least Fallout 4 comes this year.

WizzroSupreme1621d ago

Well, it's gonna take us at least four years to 100% Fallout 4. And to clarify, Skyrim is a part of the Elder Scrolls series, not a franchise in itself, as mentioned above.

lekalejos1621d ago

great article you have shared with us thank you very much

ironcrow23861621d ago

Well as its 3 yrs between morrowind and oblivion, 5yrs between oblivion and skyrim, my logic suggests 2018 (ie 7yr gap) for ES6

Summons751621d ago

XD reminds me of a "find the pattern" question in Math's too early to be reminded of the horrors of math class. 2018 sounds about right.

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The story is too old to be commented.