Need For Speed VS Driveclub Graphics Comparison

Youtube’s frost Danger Has post new video shows new Comparison between Need For Speed 2015 And Driveclub in the terms of Graphics and customization.

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Septic1616d ago

Yeah Need for Speed on this one although both games are kinda different. DC has more attention to the finer details but N4S has it overall.

I'll probably get show down to pieces for this but DC's visuals seem really inconsistent to me. Was on it yesterday and it just didn't stand out as much as I remembered it to.

Speak_da_Truth1616d ago

It has never stood out to you before so it's not surprising to see you pick nfs.

ShinMaster1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

It's not a very accurate comparison. Different lighting conditions.

NFS takes place in a city with multiple light sources illuminating the environment, so it's bound to look more flashy and visually appealing. And not having an in-car view also helps.

Not to take anything away from NFS though. It does look really great.

WalterWJR1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

It doesn't matter what Game or anything. Septic will always side with Xbox or a Multiplat over Sony. Not sure if he's a troll or an Xbox rep. Either way I don't take anything he say seriously but still can be amusing to listen to him defend every comment over and over.

subtenko1616d ago

Heres the thing, Drive Club wins in this match in terms of better look graphics, or engine if you wanna say that. Now Drive CLub doesnt really take place in the same scenary in the eyecandy city of NFS. NFS also has a more motion blur.

Both games look great tho and I like it. We shouldnt stop there, keep going! :D

Septic1616d ago


Forget your obsession with me for one moment and tell us what you think. What looks better ; NFS or DC?

DevilOgreFish1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Need for speed is more open world.

agame9141616d ago

your the most biased and annoying person on n4g

Dee_911616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Considering NFS is open world, I am shocked that it can even compete graphically with driveclub. Anybody with DriveClub knows this video doesn't do it any justice compared to seeing it in person though i'm pretty sure the same could be said for NFS. But judging from my personal experience with DC and the youtube videos of NFS, Driveclub has the better overall graphics, which is to be expected considering NFS is open world.

muzikjunkie801616d ago


could say the same for all playstation fans... they are the biggest hypocites on here, they praise a game like need for speed in a drive club comparisson but yet when forza gets compared to drive club oh no! we cant have that now... will there ever be a time when ps fans will enjoy all games no matter what platform its on? doubt it as long as their heads are up sonys @ss

showtimefolks1615d ago


I thought I was the only one who noticed your stealthy comments against playstation but it seems others are also noticing

with the amount of bubbles you have, you should always make neutral posts

we get it man Xbox one is amazing
we get crackdown is only possible on Xbox one
we get it BC is a killer feature

just why do people feel the need to push down these things down our throats. why can I be a Ps4 gamer who may never buy an Xbox one but will also never say anything against it? why is it and I am not just asking you septic, I don't want you to feel I am just picking you out

trolls exist on both sides, playstation trolls make bad comments about Xbox one and Xbox trolls make bad comments about ps4.

and you know who you are. difference I have seen is playstation trolls have one or 2 bubbles while Xbox one trolls have 5 and above so something must be magical on this site

Septic1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Honestly wtf did I do wrong here? I simply shared my opinion and I've got trolls calling me out?

I'm not stealth trolling at all. Want to challenge me on my opinions? By all means do so. I will do a video chat ir even face to face sit down and debate things with you. You lot are welcome to join me because unlike many on here, I have a back bone and am happy to back up my points.

So if youre going off topic and dragging me out here because i hurt your sensibilities, then call me out specifically on the topic at hand.

NFS is a better looking game in that video. I am not that impressed by DC's visuals because I think they're inconsistent but in the past, I have always given it props on here for its visuals. I am not impressed by DC as a racer, yes this is true. What's stealthy about what Ive said?

@ninsigma below

What's stealthy downplay though? Honestly tell me. Make Xbox look better? How did I do that here? That was PS4 NFS footage

ninsigma1615d ago

I would just like to say that I agree with the people above about your "stealthy" ps downplay and what not. In fact it's not really ps downplay, it's more just make xbox look better. That's fine though, just don't like it when you turn around and pretend to be neutral, that's all.

Though having said that, in this case I would agree with you, and give the nod to need for speed on which looks better.

RegorL1615d ago

"DC has more attention to the finer details but N4S has it overall"?

What I am seeing in this video is that N4S has a lot more finer details... The car you customize will be the car you drive.

So, what vehicle details are you thinking about?
(the surrounding is no question that N4S wins, just begin to compare the closest surrounding - the tarmac you drive on...)

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PC_601616d ago

If I am correct they were showing PS4 footage which already looks amazing and I cannot wait to see or finally play the PC version as it should look even better and I can play in 4K with my monitor as well

Jalva1616d ago

Agreed, and considering it's also open world that's quite an accomplishment.

Speak_da_Truth1616d ago

It's open world but with no interiors. Driveclub is a track racer with both interior and exterior modeled down to every last screw.

PistolsAtDawn1615d ago

@Speak...are you trying to imply that a cockpit view is harder to compute than a City?

Speak_da_Truth1615d ago

@Pistols that's not what I was implying because you can't compare the environments as they are two different settings. We'll have wait for a city track in Driveclub.

Azzanation1616d ago

NFS definitely looks more fun to play. I would say they both look similar except NFS seems a lot faster and the spark effects etc

I do want to stay out if this one because this is N4G and the gamers here think DC is the best Racing car game on the market.

So ill leave it at they both look the same except NFS looks fasters.

eliasg1615d ago

actually both games look great, but imo NFS looks better in these night videos.

grumpygamr1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

The headlights look amazing in Drive Club. Looking forward the Need For Speed. Looks like Forza 6 can wait till its bargain priced. I probably won't be able to wait that long. Better start saving now.
The person posting the Video is also arguably an Xbox One fanboy or fanboy feeder, easy to see in the videos in my opinion.
Doesn't change fact that NFS looks good.

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sammarshall1021616d ago

The Need for Speed wins this one

HaydenJameSmith1616d ago

Agreed NFS looks mighty impressive...

Gotta say that Frostbite Engine is delivering some impressive graphics between this Battlefront and Mirrors Edge... Im sure ME4 will be a looker too.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081616d ago

Both look great.True racing game fan here! i have no favorites.

CBforeva1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

So true man. Just thinking about GT7 gives me shivers. :) DC and NFS will help to ease the pain to wait for it.

Septic1616d ago

GT7...that will wipe the floor with all other racers in the visuals department is my prediction. Their next game will look better than real life.

dcbronco1616d ago

Septic that may happen. But they seem to take several extra years to put a version together. You have to believe the PS4 version was started before launch and we haven't heard a word about it. Five year development cycles should always give you better results.

Narutone661616d ago

Both look good, NFS's speed looks exaggerated, while DC's looks like it's tone down. I guess it caters to different gamers. So if you're a fan of these genres buy both. While me, I'm more of a GT gamer. So I'm still waiting for GT7 to be release before buying a PS4. I bought my PS3 after GT5 was released. I'm sure a lot of GT fans are doing the same.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081616d ago

I'm also into racing sims myself! forza 6 looking great even i don't have a XB1, and although we haven't heard nothing about GT7 yet, it's all good because while they polyphony digital still working on it,
the crew wild run expansion pack coming november 17 with the graphics overhaul with dynamic weather system, handling physics more stable from what i heard on some videos on youtube and more, need for speed 2015 on november 3rd and i got driveclub,
i'm good. :)

AudioEppa1616d ago

It's a tie for me. The games look amazing for different reasons so I would have no problem owning both, hell after seeing the upgrades coming to the crew I might end up getting that as well. 3 cool car games, each having their own personality for what they offer.

uth111616d ago

I'm looking forward to the Crew's updates as well. It's getting a lot of buzz from people who dismissed the game initially.

This NFS... Hard for me to get excited about it, I don't only want to race at night.

Rookie_Monster1616d ago

NFS won. Wow, it does look stunning with the speed and lighting.

snoopgg1615d ago

Will Need For Speed look better on the Ps4 or xboxone?