PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Square Enix Games and Devil May Cry Franchise

PlayStation Store is offering a big sale for this week. The games on offer include almost all of the major Final Fantasy games in addition to other Square Enix Japan releases. There is also a big sale on Devil May Cry series offering its games for a cheap price.

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Ken851256d ago

Guess I have a reason now to buy DMC4 remastered.

Why do I feel like square is having a sale every other week???

Sly-Lupin1256d ago

Because their bloated development budgets leave them constantly strapped for cash.

pivotplease1256d ago

Boom. But ya that's more than likely the answer. I've already bought 99% of what they have to offer dirt cheap during sales, so there's not much here for me...and I still refuse to pick up the XIII sequels.

Becuzisaid1256d ago

Noticed FFX for ps3 but not vita. Wonder if the vita version is included.

deadpoolio3161256d ago

No, its not a cross buy game.

xHeavYx1256d ago

How do I just find out that Parasite Eve 1 and 2 are on the PS Store for the VITA?
Vagrant Story for $3? FF 8 and 9 for $5 each?

x_RadicalAura_x1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Woohoo! DmC DE for $23.99 and $18.15 for trade-in of the physical PS4 copy at GameStop right now. I'm in. Trying to de-clutter physical stuff as I can because I'll be moving soon.

DualWielding1256d ago

I want to try Drakengard 3 but I'll wait till it is $9.99 or cheaper

pivotplease1256d ago

Still have only played the first one. I remember it being pretty mediocre, but then again, it was almost like Square's take on Lair way ahead of its time.

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