Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Steam Version Patched for Some Reason

After about five years since the last patch was released for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Steam version on PC, Square Enix released a new patch today.

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Sephiroushin615d ago

Probably because it didnt work on some amd gpus, same goes for FF13!

antikbaka615d ago

what about Nier Automata...

vergilxx3615d ago

Read the article maybe?
It clearly says they updated Nier too

curtain_swoosh615d ago

i find it sich a waste that they didnt release them on the ps4.
i know alot of ppl dont like 13, but 13-2 is amazing ha.

DeathTouch615d ago

I love 13-2. Addictive battle system, Serah and Noel are pretty cool, the story is a bit all over, but it can be endearing, the villain is interesting and the ending is somber. Good game!

curtain_swoosh615d ago

ahh the music, dont forget the music! haha

autobotdan615d ago

They are 4k enhanced on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X

solideagle615d ago

13-2 battle system was great. Collecting monster and upgrading them was fun. I liked FF X-2 gameplay as well because of monsters.

rpvenom614d ago

Interesting.. I am one of the few I guess who actually enjoyed 13.. never tried 13-2 though.. maybe I should give it a shot.

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