Why The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Has Some of The Best Music In The Series

As we celebrate Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary, let’s look back at the underrated soundtracks of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

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goldwyncq92d ago

It really does. Caius’ theme is still one of the best villain themes ever.

SeTTriP91d ago

Barthandelus is a great boss theme to.

Snookies1292d ago

Come on... Even haters of Final Fantasy XIII have to admit the soundtrack really was great. There are some parts of the OST that stand out among even Nobuo's work.

CrimsonWing6992d ago

The battle themes are pretty amazing, man.

curtain_swoosh92d ago

sat what you want about the games, but the soundtrack has always been good.

MehmetAlperTR91d ago

Agreed... Legendary Nobuo Uematsu was not involved with FF13.. So that has got terrible musics.

jambola91d ago

so any game without no Uematsu has terrible music?

MehmetAlperTR91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

@Jambola nope... But in PS1 era we played FF7-8-9 and in a PS2 era FF10... They were all involved with Uematsu San. We grove up with him and his musics.. SO FF means, him and his music to us.

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-Foxtrot93d ago

It's alright but I mean with so many other FF games it's not even in the top 10 for me

You just can't beat IX, VII, X and my personal favourite VIII when it comes to music

Even the theme song sucks, instead of just having an English version of the Japanese theme they got X Factors Leona Lewis to do the song which didn't sound like FF theme song.

FinalFantasyFanatic92d ago

Yeah, that ending song was terrible, I'll never be able to fathom why that was chosen, it feels so out of place with that game.

RedDevils92d ago

Lol is was my wtf moment.

SoulWarrior93d ago

I agree, regardless of the general consensus of the game itself, FF rarely lets down when it comes to the music at least.

porkChop93d ago

Nah. VIII has the best music in the series. IX is a close second.

Hofstaderman92d ago

Yes; eyes one me, man with the machine gun, waltz to the moon, the oath, maybe I’m a lion…FF8 has the best music in the series by far. I have the original OST, the orchestra arrangement, the piano arrangement, the Black Mages tracks and a few other albums. My four disc original OST is my pride and joy.

ManMarmalade92d ago

I agree on VIII. I've started growing really fond of X's lately.

GoodGuy0992d ago

Music was pretty good yes. Pretty much all FFs do even the crappy ones lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.