Is the Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 500GB Bundle worth buying?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not the Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 500GB Bundle is worth purchasing.

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Rookie_Monster1163d ago

Yes for newcomers to Xbox one that never experienced the awesome brutality of Gears before. I MEAN they included the entire trilogy plus a side game for Free and a totally new remake of the game for the same price as a regular console. This is a no Brainer for many.

TFJWM1162d ago

hmm if someone still hasn't bought one yet I would say they should wait for Black Friday/Holiday deals

gangsta_red1163d ago

Every new Xbox One coming out should have a 1TB HDD.

BattleAxe1162d ago

Save up and buy the Halo5 Limited Edition console, much nicer looking, I think the hard drive is bigger too.

qu1ckset1162d ago

Meh it's does look good but at the same time tacky, I much prefer a black console to go with everything that I have black so everything matches.

Will defiantly be picking up the controller tho

r2oB1162d ago

It's also like $150 more.

Death1162d ago

It's a 1TB console with the collectors edition of the game with the steelbook, but digital download code in it. If purchased separately it's the same price as the $499 Halo console. It looks awesome in person, pictures don't do it justice. I might pick one up and give one of my black ones to my brother.

blackblades1162d ago

I was going to get that with that 40 inch samsung for $500 and sell or trade in the Xbox for a ps4.

Rookie_Monster1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Unfortunately that TV deal is long gone as it sold out virtually on every Best Buy store and online and this gears bundle don't come out til the 25th.

etownone1162d ago

Lol... Damn that was quick.

22CobraKing1162d ago

Yes if you still don't have one but maybe just wait till the holidays as they will have bundles.

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