I'm a Bit Worried About Halo 5's Campaign

Half an hour later, having sat through a lot of grey and washed-out blue environments, fired off mostly human weaponry that has less of the sci-fi fun factor of the guns of Halo games past, listened to a lot of canned exposition from Chief and his team, and outsmarted some unimpressive (unfinished) enemy AI, Ian Dransfield is no longer intrigued, making the note 'Call of Halofall'; it looks like Halo 5 takes cues from elsewhere, and is unlikely to be a trailblazer like its elders.

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Walker3212d ago

The E3 demo was fairly weak, and that's really all we have to go by so far, which is surprising in itself. That it's the only full demo we've yet been shown from the single player, despite the game only being a few months away from release.

suckingeggs3212d ago

Kotaku is on a roll

What is this piss of Xbox day?

Or are they really concerned?.. I dunno

Mega243212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

The clicks, they know the fanboys are going to click it, from both sides. They know how to bait.

I usually follow the page on facebook and twitter to see people make fun of them. It's hilarious.

suckingeggs3212d ago


I hope they really give it to them on facebook Kotaku are a joke of a site..

The quantum break game Im more unsure of after the last demo (don't crucify me fellow Xbox gamers) I didn't really find it all that fun... But halo... I want to support 343 industries they have enormous pressure on themselves following bungie and I wish them nothing but well and success and I will definitely be buying halo to support them.

remixx1163212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Lol I just caught that, these guys putting in overtime attacking xbox.

The funny thing is kotaku does this every time a system is hot, after gamescom and e3 the Xbox is really flexin dem guns and now kotaku
gonna cash in on that positive news by playing the antagonist.

How to get clicks 101.

Kotaku needs to lay off the fuzz.

breakpad3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

the same thoughts as the articles, i believe are in every not-blinded-by-bias gamer ...Halo is declining (IMO even from HALo2 , for other since Halo4) and its course is bad with more and more boring campaigns..

4Sh0w3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Kotaku just likes to do that for that for both sides, whether its a popular game or some big news, they tend genuinely praise both and then make "hard hitting negative headlines" to get hits and fly under the neutral banner, I wouldn't call them bias, calling them "opportunists just looking for hits" would a better label. -Not because they have something negative to say about Halo but because of how they tend to sensationalize headlines an opinion pieces in an unprofessional manner.

-I haven't played it but besides the half more realistic approach to graphics(same as Halo4 but better) it looks like Halo as far as I can tell and if 343 were not adding new mechanics to Halo then we'd here how its the same old thing.

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LAWSON723212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Are you implying they are not showing it to avoid showing how bad it is? I sure hope not it is simply due to avoiding spoilers like every other game. Blows my mind a troll can get so many bubbles.

christocolus3212d ago

I dont understand why people cant see hat?Do they want MS and 343i to show off everything now? Ignore walker he is in every xbox article talking BS.

PlayableGamez3212d ago

The campaign looks like Halo.

Erik73573212d ago

Though I don't agree with this article...I do think the demo they showed was lack luster at e3 and I got TONS of hate for it when I said it.

Pogmathoin3211d ago

At this stage, if Uncharted 4 was on Xbox One, it would be called rubbish.....
Seems to be a good day for PS fans to


Professor_K3211d ago

"Call of halofall"

an infant wrote this or something? awfull article smh

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Mr-Dude3212d ago

Well wasn't Halo strong point it's multiplayer?

343_Guilty_Spark3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

The campaigns have arguably been equally good.

My most memorable campaigns were Halo 1, Halo ODST, Halo Reach and Halo 4.

FlexLuger3212d ago

Im certainly not slating the campaign. I enjoyed them. all of them. I play story mode once, by myself and again on legendary with skulls turned on with friends in online co op. I dont bother with split screen . All my friends have xbox anyway. But after beating it it twice Im playing MP for years on end.

christocolus3212d ago

Exactly. The campaigns have always been awesome throughout the series and from all ive seen and read,Halo 5 looks to be the best yet.

Erik73573212d ago

I loved halo 3's first two missions in the jungle!

spicelicka3212d ago

What kind of comment is that? Halo story and campaign are one of the greatest out there. It's both multiplayer and campaign. You can't just pass it off as "oh it's about multiplayer" when they're putting so much work in the campaign.

And it looks amazing.

TheGreatGamer3212d ago

I'm excited as hell and glad they haven't been spoiling many of the story details. The E3 demo looked really good and Gamescom footage (not shown at conference) impressed me too. Don't want to hear much more between now and October because I'm so excited to see what surprises they have in store for Halo 5.

FlexLuger3212d ago

I like the look of giant guardians and the fact that we will see a covenant world for the first time. Given that the campaign is bigger than halo 4s and the fact that they do not want to give away too much of the games story, I think the writer is worrying too much.

maybelovehate3212d ago

Two flamebait articles from Kotaku in one day, interesting. Maybe they are in financial trouble.

Adexus3212d ago

Wouldn't be surprised, does anyone actually take Kotaku's opinions seriously?

Lenrulesdaworld3212d ago

Bro it's rip xbox one exclusive day over at kotaku, no way Microsoft could get away this amount of good news. Not this amount of positive coverage and change on their exclusives let alone new ip's. It's opinion though, no matter how bias it may sound, especially that QB article.

AsheXII3212d ago

He is entitled to his opinion, but it would help if he had actually played Halo 4, so he wouldn't say thrusters came from titanfall.

Very weird article imo, specially complaining about the lack of color or the 4 player co-op.

MasterBaker3212d ago

he also said this "and up-close stabby stealth kills (every other game ever)"

Does he mean assassination? Lol they've been in halo since halo reach