Check out The Crew's updated graphics in our cruising gameplay | Team VVV

Team VVV writes: "We cruise around in our Ferrari 458 Speciale and have a look at The Crew's updated graphics at the Gamescom show floor. Although still in development, the difference in graphics is impressive.

The wet weather effects look decent and the wet roads offer a fresh challenge for veterans of The Crew. You may notice that draw distances have also been increased which is apparent in this gameplay video (just look at the detail on the distant mountains for example)."

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sinjonezp1168d ago

Massive improvement , here is hoping the handling much better. I like the idea that games can be updated continuously throughout its cycle. More devs should keep making their games better and extend the life of them.

Sgt_Slaughter1168d ago

Good examples of this are Drive Club, Smash Bros Wii U/3DS, Splatoon, GTA IV and V, etc.

Some games could still have good online numbers but the developers drop support immediately for a sequel.

Skate-AK1167d ago

Google some driving settings. I did that and set it to what someone recommended. I liked it more than the default handling.

USMC_POLICE1168d ago

I told the developers the handling was bad on Twitter, they replied with no it's not. So I doubt it's improved.

uth111168d ago

one of the other VVV videos says the handling's been improved

iistuii1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Still see all the buildings & trees etc has plenty of aliasing. Jaggies everywhere like the original. The buildings are actually moving with the aliasing...

Farsendor11168d ago

He continuously mentioned work in progress. I'm interested in this game once again.

I never did buy it but i'll think more on it when the patch is released to see what else has been improved if anything.

d_g1168d ago

looks very good with those rain effects

sephiroth4201168d ago

er wheres the splashing from the puddles? makes the game look a little flat, i expected better from them :(

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081168d ago

There not done with it yet! you should see it when it goes live.
I noticed that myself until i realized it's still in development, so it should be in there when it's released i hope.

sephiroth4201167d ago

oh thats good to hear, glad theres still improvements to be made, cant wait to see the end product. do you have the crew?

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The story is too old to be commented.