Amazon July Game Deals Highlight: 7/18: Just Cause 3 $30, MGSV The Phantom Pain $30 & More

"Amazon has added new game deals for July 18th. Deals are Just Cause 3 $30, MGSV The Phantom Pain $30, MXGP2 $40 and lots more!"

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dantesparda819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

Avalanche never released a patch to improve the framerate on the console versions of JC3 like they said they would, so screw them.

JamesBroski819d ago

Yea, and the PC version is not better either. No triple buffering, so when the fps drops to 59, it locks to 30. And the game is so poorly optimized, even on PC, that it constantly drops below 30fps.

nevin1819d ago

So just cause 3 sucks?

JamesBroski819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

I didn't try the console version, but the PC version isn't really well optimized. But like every unoptimized games, if you have a high-end PC, you will not really run into a lot of issues and it will be playable.

I don't think it's a bad game per se, but devs have been really dicky with the community. On Steam, they promised optimization patches to fix the problems, but it never came. They actually stop patching the game after christmas and completely stopped answering the community. The only patch we get now is for the DLC support. This is unacceptable, especially when you look at devs like CDPR that, more than a year after the release of The Witcher 3, are still patching the game and trying to make it better and better.

I loved Just Cause 2 and Mad Max and had respect for the devs, but that game made me lost all respect for them and Square Enix (they're the publishers so they should ensure quality of the products with their name on it and not rush releases).

dantesparda819d ago

@ JameBroski

Wow, it sounds like its even worst on the PC. I cant stand those kinds of swings in framerate. And how a PC cannot support triple buffering is beyond me.


The game itself is not bad and its fun but im just disappointed by the fact that they said they would improve the framerate and never did.