War Thunder is ‘Within A Hair's Breadth’ of Complete Destructibility System

War Thunder players will soon be able to destroy the game’s ground environment, according to a new Gaijin dev blog.

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Majin-vegeta2605d ago

Wow,I just wish they would add an infantry patch.This game would rock even more.So many people are clattering for a WW2 shooter and not to mention its F2P.So they got nothing to loose

AlphaKennyOne2604d ago

I gave it a shot but it wasn't my cup of tea. It was fun for a while though.

I'd love to be able to run around as infantry. I think Heroes and Generals has that but it turned very pay2enjoy according to steam reviews.

crazychris41242605d ago

Nice to see more and more games pushing destruction

KingKionic 2605d ago

War Thunder just moved a chess piece forward.

Your move World of Tanks.

Magicite2604d ago

interesting that both games are made by russians

Perjoss2604d ago

They love a bit of destruction, those crazy Russians.

sergons2604d ago

Wot is made by Belarusians.

masterfox2604d ago

wow this is impossible!!! how can they do that without the cloud ? and is F2P ? oh and it doesn't look cartoony!! :D

Kiwi662604d ago

Guess you've never played either crackdown or borderlands then as neither is about realistic graphics given how they're cell shaded

Lamboomington2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )


Don't bother. Even though there is literally no comparison between the destruction in the two games, fanboys will come in here to shit on Crackdown 3.

It's just fanboy mentality. Most of them wouldn't have watched the War Thunder destruction video in the first place. It's just the same old retarded console flamewar at work - they just can't resist.

And, seriously, if anyone shits on Crackdown 3's destruction, comparing it to this, they are either ignorant, or blind. Or just trolls.

Lamboomington2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

"how can they do that without the cloud "
yeah, that's nowhere close to what Crackdown 3 is doing The destruction is just wayyy more complex, as are the buildings themselves. Seriously, you just cannot compare the two.
Not to mention that game does it with multiple city skyrises, that are what ? 30 stories tall ? Each and every room being a real physical place within.

I don't understand, Crackdowns destruction is orders of magnitude higher in both complexity and scale. Have you even watched both videos for both games ? Or maybe you're just not very intelligent ?

You know what ? Nevermind. I get the feeling that you're just doing this to start retarded flamewars.

G20WLY2604d ago

So you say "don't bother" to MrKrispy and then 8 minutes later you DO bother with a full on rant of a response? lol

I agree though, you can't compare the two games; one is cartoony and the other is aiming for realism. One is here and available now, one is still in development, so we have no idea what it will actually be like upon release. One is free to play, the other is AAA, big budget that MS will throw the kitchen sink at with the most realistic cloud-based physics we've evar seen.

MeliMel2604d ago

Lol...two very different games. And even if they achieve it. I dont think it will be on the same scale as Crackdown3 destruction.

But enjoy your trolling...just another lame gamer who bashes other systems because he/she is envious! Lol

Neixus2604d ago

Microsoft: ''This type of destructibility only works with the cloud!''

War Thunder devs: ''Lets see about that :D''

Lamboomington2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I really don't understand, are you guys serious ? Why are you bringing Crackdown 3 into this ?

Did you watch the Crackdown 3 demo ? Did you even bother to watch this article's video in the first place ? Are you all blind or something ? The destruction in Crackdown 3 is literally about 10 times more complex and is applied on a scale about a 100 times bigger.

Seriously, it's great that this game has destruction, but why do I get the feeling it's retarded console flamewar that is the motivation behind all this. All of a sudden everyone shitting on Crackdown 3.

Hopefully you're not being serious, otherwise it's really sad. I'm a PC gamer, but the FACT is that Crackdown 3's destruction is absolutely insane, and waaay beyond anything any other game is doing. (Provided they actually get the cloud thing to work on public release)

Red2604d ago

You're wasting your time.

Neixus2604d ago

I'm just joking dude, i know Crackdown's destructability is more advanced, even Red Faction has better than this. However, i find Crackdown's lack of textures a huge turnoff though.

But i'm not seeing how it would work if each multiplayer session uses 8+ servers, without crashing.

windblowsagain2604d ago

PS4 Can do a million piece physics simulation on the fly.

Crackdown 3 has paper like graphics and cheap fx and as more paper fell, more paper disappeared.

Lamboomington2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )


Well, I'm sorry then, but you're comment came off as a flamebait comment.

'Lack of textures' Personally, if the cloud destruction thing worked on launch, I wouldn't care about textures. They're good enough, and there are screenspace reflections.

"But i'm not seeing how it would work if each multiplayer session uses 8+ servers, without crashing."
It won't use 8+ servers. Hardly ever will. They rigged the entire city to blow, gave everyone overpowered weapons. Only then it went that far. What they showed wasn't a gameplay demo for Crackdown 3. It was a tech demo specifically for the destruction.

MeliMel2604d ago Show
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