Gears of War: How a Remaster Should Be Done

Danny goes hands on with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition at Gamescom and comes away impressed.

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TheGreatGamer1170d ago

They really did go above and beyond if you compare it to recent remasters and some yet to come. All the other Gears games free, 60 fps multiplayer, 1080p and it looks beautiful. Well done to the team at Coalition, cannot wait to pick my copy up!

christocolus1170d ago

If they put this much effort into this just imagine how good Gears 4 will be.

Genuine-User1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I watched some direct-feed footage last night, and unfortunately the frame-rate looked quite unstable in some areas.
Hopefully I'm proven wrong and Coalition manage to lock the final build (single player) at a locked 30fps.

Genuine-User1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Maybe Danny (guy in the video) played the PC version because campaign mode on the Xbox One is confirmed to run at 30fps.

smguk1170d ago Show
meanthyme1170d ago

Good job we have professional concern agents like yourself to raise awareness of these issues, but maybe you take too much upon yourself, Im worried you will get burnt out from all the worrying you do.

StrawberryDiesel4201170d ago

I can't wait to pick this up but people need to give it a rest praising this remaster. They couldn't even get the SP at 60ps which was a big disappointment for me. Still gonna buy it, hopefully they fixed the screen tear but somehow I doubt it.

Fro_xoxo1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

more like a remake..

Much better than just upping the res and framerates.

Halo 2 anniversary, and Gears ultimate are literally overhauls ...

I.. I can't feel my face.

1170d ago
StrawberryDiesel4201170d ago

Will they be fixing the terrible screen tearing? Will that be part of the remake?

SharnOfTheDEAD1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

A heads up, GAME are doing a digital version that's available to buy for £29.99 from their online store, as an incentive you get access to the game a week early!

Immorals1170d ago

Physical version can be had for 22 quid, I'll wait the extra week :p

SIMOIKIE1170d ago

Remade then just plain mastered!

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