Warhawk : "Behind the Scenes" Videos

Meet the developers behind Warhawk and learn a little bit about the upcoming game. Now also for the first time footage from the on-foot missions.

Behind the Scenes 1
Meet the developers behind Warhawk and learn a little bit about the upcoming game. 

Behind the Scenes 2
The ideas behind Warhawk and what makes the game unique. 

Behind the Scenes 3
How the universe of Warhawk was created and the thought process that went into such a project. 

Behind the Scenes 4
A look at the different ways to play the game. Including on-foot missions.

Behind the Scenes 5
Learn how the cell processor powers this game. 

Behind the Scenes 6
A look behind the technology involved in creating this game.

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ps3willrule6514d ago

i was kinda skeptical of this game by seeing the pics but actually hearing how they are using the 7 processors to run all these programs is vvery interesting....and actually the graphics in this game are good seeing it in motion shows alot more its weird...the water effects are amazing i think...the director said this game can only be done on the ps3....tis game is only 30% done but it looks very promising...and it looks like very good gameplay.

speed6514d ago

with all the issues Sony is having to deal with now it might be 2008 before we get a chance to play it...

Nic6514d ago

This will be one of first games on PS3

ps3willrule6514d ago

lol i wish every launch title had development movies like this..expecially resistance for of man that game sounds intense..but staying on subject maybe this game won't have the best graphics but they are good nothing like mgs4 but in all honesty i rather have sweet gameplay then a pretty game.

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Roundtable: Dead Game Franchises We Miss

With every big game now belonging to a big intellectual property, there are those that have become redundant. Here are the series' we miss.

RPGer1078d ago

I miss Dark Cloud I mean damn, Dark Cloud 2 is one of the best Action RPG game ever made. The game have: Rich Worlds, different setting, tons of contents, vareity in gameplay like never before (and even after), best buliding mechanics, crafting system like no one did and finally impressive graphics.

Most underrated game ever. It deserved the popularity and sales of Zelda and Final Fantasy. ut unfortunately, Level-5 and Sony didn't advertise it at all.

titans99991078d ago

My franchises I wish would make a come back, are Battlefront by pandemic studios - galactic conquest was the best, mercenaries 1 and 2, and prototype 1 and 2...great games!


Remembering Warhawk – one of the PS3’s first multiplayer must-haves

TSA writes: "For many PS3 owners and members of the TSA community, Warhawk was our first foray into the mesmerising world of online multiplayer. Now, after more than a decade of dogfights, the skies over Eucadia are clear, the game’s two warring factions having called an eternal ceasefire. To put it in less poetic terms, Sony finally pulled the plug on January 31st with the online servers no longer accessible."

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ArchangelMike1860d ago

I hope we do get a next-gen Warhawk, that would be awesome. Warhawk was so underrated for it's time.