A Final Fantasy XII Remake is On the Way

Composer Arnie Roth announces during a Distant Worlds symphony that a Final Fantasy XII remake is on its way.

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Toadsanime2735d ago

Possibly, but all reports from everyone there is that he specifically said 'remake.'

gokuking2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I know Ernie said remake, but it's probably a remaster. The game looks good enough as it is, and a composer probably wouldn't be in the position to notice a distinction. After all, he's working on the music and there wouldn't be much of a difference between the two.

bouzebbal2734d ago

oh my Gooood!! I love you Square Enix!!!! One of my favorite FF

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Lightning Mr Bubbles2734d ago

This makes no sense to me. FF7 is being remake because it's a legendary masterpiece that everyone has been asking for for over a decade.

No one asked for a remake of this garbage, okay, it's not garbage but Final Fantasy 12 only came out like 5 years ago, and to be honest it wasn't even that good. It really didn't have much of a plot, it was more of an action Final Fantasy.

Anyway, I think this has to be a mistake, they probably do mean remaster.

indyman77772734d ago

Remake is good, except it needs to be FFIX or FFVIII, As far as I'm concerned I TRIED MY BEST to play 12 past the teens in hours and didn't like the battle system enough. The rest of the game was good. I wished during every second that it would turn into a turn based game.

nitus102734d ago

IMHO what sets FFXII apart from the other FF games is the the way you do battles in that you don't transfer to a "battle arena" but fight when you make contact. In addition there are no more random encounters since you can see the enemy and avoid them if you are quick enough.

A really nice feature of FFXII is it's maps. They are huge and you can basically go anywhere within reason although you may not survive unless you are strong enough (ie. one hit kills).

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

Well I would not go as far as saying FFVII was a legendary masterpiece but it is a good game never the less.

Basically most gamer's remember FFVII because it was the first FF game that came to the original PlayStation. I think the words "rose coloured glasses" applies here.

Unlike most of the FF series (except for FFX) FFVII was turn-base only, however it's character design was a departure from the "super deformed" style.

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joab7772734d ago

It's gotta be. And no more remakes until FF7 goes gold.

VforVideogames2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

No More Remakes/Remasters Of Any Kind PLEASE!!!!! I just want Greatness!!! and That's Not The Way.

pivotplease2734d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Square has no more good ideas and one of the few things they have going for them is Tetsuya Nomura. He is literally behind all of their upcoming best titles (FFXV, KH3, and's that for cred lol). Yoshi P has done a good job turning around the FFXIV situation as well though.

RashBandicoot2734d ago

I'm pretty sure he meant remaster not remake (mainly cause he couldn't tell the difference.)

Name Last Name2734d ago

This is the only FF I never completed and its been bothering me ever since.

Umbasa2734d ago

Same here, i still have the original collectors ed of it's ps2 strategy guide that never really got used and i knew i kept it for a reason.

pivotplease2734d ago

The combat system and area traversal somehow feels more mundane and tedious than the traditional random encounters and turn based combat. Probably because it plays like a pseudo-MMORPG, the game can play itself with decent gambits, and the world is pretty void of sidequests and extra content because they offloaded all of the extra content into the repetitive hunt quests. I admit I did finish the game to see how the story panned out but it dropped the ball harder than I expected. You're rewarded with a cheesy slow song that has nothing to do with the plot and its not nearly as good as the game's theme song (which is ironically ripped from FFIV).

Sorry, I just thought about how much I hated this FF the other day and I had to vent lol.

nitus102734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )


As far as side-quests go what do you think the "hunts" are? You don't have to do them all although it pays to do a few. You really need to consider that FFXII is a PlayStation 2 game and most other FF games are relatively linear with some diversions.

The ability to set up gambits makes it easier to fight battles, although you can micro-manage if you wish but considering the hundreds of battles you go though in the game I would rather set up decent gambits and only when I was in a boss battle or encountering a more difficult opponent did I opt for more finer control.

If you want an MMORPG experience then you really need to go on-line although games like Oblivion and Skyrim come very close with out an on-line capability, however they are PC/PS3/Xbox360 games.

Magicite2734d ago

This game isnt even 10 years old, remake would be too soon. Remaster must be given, hopefully its for PS4 and maybe PC?

christian hour2734d ago

REmake (the resi remake on gamecube, recently ported (aka "remastered") to more recent consoles, was released 5 years after the original game, and it is one of the best, if not the best, remakes in the industry. Built from the ground up with the original director at the helm, reworking traps and layouts and adding in additional plot points, characters and enemies they couldnt put in the original due to disc space and deadlines.

Of course a remake of that calibre is welcomed after any amount of years, if this ffxii remake is just a model swap (like halo:ce/halo 2) then it would be an absolute waste of everyones time. If its a port (read "Remaster") then fair enough, I'm sure theres some folk who'd like to experience it first time round or people who'd like to revisit it.

Jaqen_Hghar2734d ago

A man would hope they do 8 or 9 after 7. They should just have one team do remakes then have another making the new games. the older SNES ones could use the treatment too. Not sure why we would need a whole remaster for 12 a man can't remember anything particularly dated about it.

Ratty2734d ago

Most likely a remaster. Some people use the terms interchangeably even though they're two very different things.

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killbillvolume122734d ago ShowReplies(1)
WildArmed2734d ago

That'd be awesome.

Wouldn't be surprised since SE has a habit of releasing it's remasters on almost every platform! :D

indyman77772734d ago

I have Vita, and Vita tv. So does your put down include me?
If not make it four. And most the guys at best buy.

pivotplease2734d ago

If it's on Vita I will honestly buy it even though I rank it down there with FFX-2, FF2, and FF3. I wouldn't mind actually doing the endgame hunts the second time around. Maybe I just won't use Vaan and Penelo too since they're annoying and have no bearing on the plot.

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DevilOgreFish2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Big news. they are taking on a lot of projects at once though. they already have like 4 IPs in development already with no release dates.

ashinacape2735d ago

They needed to create some hype to stop the decay, might have bitten off more than they can chew though.

Godmars2902734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

That happened with the original FF13 announcements.

And they apparently haven't learned their lesson. Forgot it as soon as it slapped them in the face multiple times.

pivotplease2734d ago

I can't believe it took them so long to make the original XIII. At least Versus has an incredible open world to show for its huge development cycle.

Melankolis2735d ago

I agree, but i think they outsource this project.

Godmars2902734d ago

It'll be years before they complete them. If they complete them. While likely only announcing more titles.

NoctisPendragon2734d ago

He said "soon" , so it may have been in the work since a long time .

torchic2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

SE's 1st Production Department won't handle this. it will be outsourced

Square Enix definitely has the man power to handle full production of FFXV and KHIII + pre-production of FFVII-R. FFXV is probably getting a 2016 release anyway so SE's pipeline isn't really long at all

pivotplease2734d ago

FFXV in 2016
KH3 in 2017
Then maybe FFVII in 2019?
There needs to be sufficient time between the last two games for obvious reasons.

_-EDMIX-_2734d ago

They are, but I would not actually see a remaster of FFXII as a huge undertaking, I don't see it hurting much by them.

They have way, way more then 4 IPs in development as they have more then 4 teams.

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PhoenixUp2735d ago

Of god yes. FFXII deserves to come to modern gaming platforms. It inspired Dragon Age: Origins and Xenoblade Chronicles. Its that great a game

Gardenia2734d ago

Not really. It's more like a combination of Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics, Star Wars and the older Final Fantasy games

Archmagel2734d ago

Easy there, cowboy. It's a good game, but I'm fairly sure DA was inspired by DnD and "A Song of Ice and Fire" (can find Oathkeeper in Loathering and many more references). Xenoblade, I can't really speak for. Probably traditional JRPGs...

PhoenixUp2733d ago

One of the developers already stated that FFXII's Gambit system was an inspiration for Dragon Age: Origins

FallenAngel19842735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

They promised us FFXII HD after they finished FFX/X-2 HD. Its time for them to live up to their word.

FFXII is the only game in the mainline series right now that hasn't been released on any other platform except for the one it originally released on. This must change.

MrSwankSinatra2735d ago

They said remake though, not "Remaster"

Eamon2734d ago

Arnie Roth is just a composer. As far as I know, he has nothing to do with the game development and just composes the Distant Worlds orchestra.

Meaning he likely meant remaster.

christian hour2734d ago

As long as the music isn't as horrendous as those "remastered" tracks for FFX *shudders* Either way anythings better than that horrible midi music on the original FFVII PC release (and subsequent digital release a decade later).

Though personally I don't really care about FF's music if its not Nobuo Uematsu, very lame of me I know but to me he gave final fantasy its voice and emotion for two decades.

LeonhartX2735d ago

FFIX is still a psone exlusive

meganick2735d ago

You can download and play FFIX on PS3 or Vita. FFXII still can only be played on PS2.

AndrewLB2734d ago

Nope. I played it on my PC. There's no such thing as a PS1 or PS2 exclusive anymore. The great thing about emulators is you can make the game look quite a bit better by using high resolution, filters, etc.

Meryl2734d ago

@AndrewLB then you must have a powerful pc if your playing ps2 games through an emulator, FFXII was one of those games that ran 'slow' on the ps2 emulator from what I remember.

Perjoss2734d ago

"You can download and play FFIX on PS3 or Vita. FFXII still can only be played on PS2."

Or a launch PS3, they had PS2 backwards compatibility, I know because that's how I played XII.

Stringerbell2734d ago


I have a 950m its as mid range of a card as they come. I'm running FF12 basically at max settings, never dropping below 60FPS.

Off the top of my head two games that are a hog on your system for the emulator are Gran Turismo and Xensosaga and I have those running at 60FPS too at max settings. I was actually quite surprised with Gran Turismo, there is some inevitable slowdown regardless of your GPU happens when lighting changes (going in a tunnel, trees blocking the sun etc). Its basically some light stuttering with a 2-3 fps drop. If you were running the game natively I dont think there is any stuttering.

christian hour2734d ago

I bought FF7/8/9 on PSN for my ps3, still devastated I can't play them on my ps4, especially since I had to sell my ps3 a few years back :(

Dasteru2734d ago


GTX 470 & Phenom II 965. I'm currently playing an english patched copy of IZJS at 1920x1200, 8x MSAA, 4x SSAA, 16x AF & texture smoothing. Steady 60fps.

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FallenAngel19842735d ago

@ MrSwank

It most likely a remaster, since it'd be much quicker to produce.

@ Leon

All the PS1 Final Fantasy games were rereleased on PSN. FFXII is still the only mainline title that hasn't been rereleased anywhere else.