You do not need to download the 360 games in Rare Replay

Last week we reported that Rare Replay need a 38-gigabyte download to access the Xbox 360 games included in the collection. This information, which initially seemed a bit contradictory, now seems to be contradicted and as confirmed from Rare, physical play will not need any extra download of Xbox 360 games and it seems that all come included on the same disc.

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RyanDJ2795d ago

You don't need to "download" them, but I can only assume due to what I've heard about how the BC works, you will be installing them, still taking up the same amount of room?

I'd be patient with a download, but hopefully there's some sort of fast, per-game install so you can up and download as your system has space.

RaTaTaT2795d ago

You download all of the 360 games one at a time and one download for all the rest.

GusBricker2795d ago

You have to install all games on Xbox One(PS4, as well -- don't know about WiiU???)

DasTier2795d ago

games need to install on wii u too, but its like 4gb :')

Kribwalker2795d ago

Already pre-ordered/downloaded. Heading on vacation to Oregon next week, hopping on that when I get home 😎

umair_s512795d ago

That's good, I thought you had to download each 360 game even if you buy the disc

Transporter472795d ago

I wonder if you can choose and install the games you want only.

no_more_heroes2795d ago

Apparently for the 360 games, yes. It sounds like the older games all come in one bundled download.