Banjo-Kazooie and more Rare games get Xbox One X Enhanced

Several classic Rare games will be Xbox One X enhanced including Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark.

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Oywee416d ago

Awesome, Perfect dark is the next best N64-shooter after Goldeneye. (also build on the same graphics-engine too)

Oywee416d ago

Thank you Nodoze. My english is a bit rusty, I must admit. :))

Smokingunz416d ago

So u put goldeneye in front of perfect dark?

Oywee416d ago

Smokingunz: They are both really great N64 classics, but just for personal taste, I always preferred the level map design on Goldeneye a bit more.

timotim416d ago

What Microsoft has done with BC this generation is nothing short of amazing. They all look great running on my X.

roadkillers416d ago

Dammit. Where the f**** is Conker..

timotim416d ago

Conker is ALREADY BC and X enhanced 😉

416d ago
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