PS4/Xbox One Differences Not That Important, "Unthinkable to Go Back to 720p" - Dev

Spiders CEO talks the subtle differences between both current gen consoles.

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Cindy-rella1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Its funny how some people like to make everything seem equal in this world so more power doesnt mean anything. Ps4 is more powerful than the Xbox one but most like to hide that fact. Ps4 has the most 1080p games for consoles while majority of the Xbox one games are in 900p.

Its not common knowledge where people know the xbox one has a weaker hardware than the ps4 because you wouldnt have people talking up cloud making xbox one 4 times as powerful as ps4 or DX12 unlocks the full potential of Xbox one making it way more powerful than the ps4. Ive seen a lot of people saying that the xbox one is more powerful than ps4. Even me talking about hardware power will garner a lot of disagrees.

Bathyj1197d ago

Whose hiding it? Its common knowledge. Maybe dont make such a big deal about it and people wont rush to defend it so much. Its not that important, people are going to get the console that have the games they want not because of a difference in pixels.

StrayaKNT1197d ago Show
LexHazard791197d ago

@cindy, you still spewing garbage? Everyone and their mother knows by now that PS4 is more powerful.

remixx1161197d ago


To be honest.......could you stop, its kinda embarrassing, just play video games OK, the difference between ps4 and Xbox one are almost irrelevant..... This is coming from a primarily PS gamer.

We sound like hypocrites when we bash Xbox for being slightly less powerful then turn around and tell PC gamers that graphics such don't matter, its all about the gameplay..........

Please just stop ps4 fans are becoming the PC master race of console......please do not let that happen, nothing about your choice of hardware makes you better than anyone so please stop flaunting it like its part of your body.

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GameNameFame1197d ago

At all the people complaining at Cindy's comment.

If everyone already knows, whats up with StrayaKNT's comment?

and how come you do not complain about that?
Truth is some X1 fans, while they acknowledge the fact, do not want the fact to get out.

remixx1161197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


(╯︵╰,) y-y-you really mean it, you mean there's still a chance for me OK then brother, I await you at the threshold of gaming hardware euphoria.


Damn you guys crack me up.

Clunkyd1197d ago


Spoken like a true nerd.

donthate1197d ago

If resolution is a big deal, we all would be gaming on PC.

It wasn't last generation, and it isn't this generation. For each successive generation it will mean less and less.

Pogmathoin1197d ago

Nameface, rightfully, straya got many disagrees, as should Cindy..... Be honest yourself.....

ABizzel11197d ago

Are we really stuck on this. Differences aren't that important to 3rd party developers, because they're making a cross platform game for 2 or 3 console.

However, there is a difference and the PS4 flatout has a better GPU than the XBO. No one questions anything like this in the world of PCC gaming, they have GPU with the same architecture, except one has more Shaders, ROP, Fillrates, and better RAM for an APU.

Does it make the XBO bad, NO. Is the PS4 vastly better hardware wise, NO (40% better than XBO at graphics computations). Can it produce better graphics, YES. Should it ruin your life as a gamer because of it, NO. And if it does you need serious help.


Stop it please for the sake of all that is good. Those fools spreading that misinformation are only speaking to the ignorant, who are a loss cause to begin with. Just enjoy your console, and correct false information when needed. You're coming off very fanboyish.


1080p @ 60fps is a design choice, which is why you purposely choose to limit it to AAA "exclusives", because there are numerous examples of games running 1080p @ 60fps, while the XBO is hovering around 900p and in some cases 720p @ 60fps.

Don't be a fanboy either. The PS4 has a better GPU, and it is what it is this generation. Last-gen Xbox has the better GPU (although Cell helped PS3 with that).

Hardware goes to Sony and the PS4 this gen.

LastNewtStandin1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

@remixx, +Bubble, Exactly my type of thinking!
Trawling through all the idiot's arguing over a few pixels just to see good conversation about a hobby we ALL love is annoying.

The best feature of any gaming system is it's community, more so your friends. We can push buttons and twiddle knobs all day long but for me, Gaming is nothing without friends to share these experiences with.

Go make friends people across all platforms and genre's and most importantly, Stop wasting your lives hating things just because they are different.

@ABizzel1 +Bubble, Sony definitely have a hardware advantage, In the short term some of the games pushing for 1080 with wavering framerates irks me on both consoles, I want games to be as smooth as possible at all costs but the media buzzword is 1080 so we get what we get. So far I have not been disappointed in any xbox games myself graphically but we both know there will always be an epidemic of fanboys and trolls alike and it's a shame.

pivotplease1197d ago

It's just a jab if anything. Basically deja by to last generation when the Xbox crowd started this importance of having superior multiplats thing. Now PlayStation has them and the technically superior exclusives once again. It's not a big deal to me personally but it could take away a selling point for a small crowd who favour multiplatform games or play on both systems.

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blackblades1197d ago

Sorry I agreed on accident, ([email protected] mobile)

Genuine-User1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Another article trying to down-play the power difference. Let it go already.

There is substantial difference on paper and in practice.

Sureshot1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Substantial? Have u seen a high end PC in action? It becomes clear how similar the consoles are...

Genuine-User1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

It does not become clear at all.

PC is an irrelevant metric to determine the difference between the two 'consoles'.
There's indeed a substantial difference in resolution/graphical features as demonstrated by first, second and third party.

PlayStation's upcoming first party content has successfully showcased the huge gap between the two competitors.

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Spotie1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

"Have you seen that fighter jet? It puts those two sports cars to shame!"

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

There is merit in comparing and contrasting similar yet different products.

magiciandude1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


Yeah, but for how long? Everyone already knows long ago which console is the technically superior platform, the PS4. There is very little merit to keep fighting over that, other than getting in the way of a meaningful conversation.

The power difference between Xbox One and PS4 isn't that huge. I own and play both to know that. They both have some room left for better optimization with getting the most out of the hardware.

Zeref1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

No there is not. The multiplatform games have negligible difference. You can not tell which is which without them telling you.

Why are you even comparing the first party games? They are all completely different with different art styles/effects and gameplay.

Sureshot1197d ago

How is it irrelevant? Or is it a case of "it doesn't help my argument so it doesn't count". And what are the substantial differences again? Monthly updates, backwards compatibility, more stable servers? I guess you're right, very substantial....

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1197d ago

"There's indeed a substantial difference in resolution/graphical features as demonstrated by first, second and third party."

"PlayStation's upcoming first party content has successfully showcased the huge gap between the two competitors."


Genuine-User1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


A 40% increase in resolution, better performance and visual feature set is a negligible difference now?

First party is the perfect metric to determine what's possible on either machine because they're not constrained to an engine that needs to works on multi-platforms.


Comparing a closed box to an ever growing one is irrational. Comparing two closed machines is the only reasonable method of deducing the power difference.

And you just went of topic mentioning 'monthly updates'

JPauls1197d ago

I agree with "There is difference on paper and in practice."

Substantial begs the question - and just because in practice you can find examples that may, to you, seem substantial, there are examples that show this is not the case.

The comparison of development side-by-side isn't as clear as you make it out to be, and when you play a game on the PS4 vs the Xbox One, you're still playing (pretty much) the same game.

Unless both are side-by-side and you feel like dropping x2 munniez on games for both platforms - and at that point you want to just sink that money into bleeding-edge PC gaming.

I think this article is aimed at the stupid console bias that has turned gaming discussions online to a collossal pissing match. Development may also shift as DX12, Mantle, etc move to the forefront. We may yet see "the power of the cloud" come to the forefront of tech, but that isn't what makes me want to play games - it's the games that make me want to play.

ThePope1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


Not one Multiplat game has show this "40% increase". Its so hard to tell the differences that people wait with great anticipation for the DF article to come out and tell us which is better. The biggest issue you run into is that while more games have hit 1080 on the PS4 the X1 has had better framerate on several games.

You can use words like substantial all you want but you just come off as trying too hard. Kind of sad actually. Yes Uncharted looks absolutely fantastic, so does QB, Halo 5, TR. So what exactly is your point?

warczar1197d ago

Come on guys, we shouldn't act like this is SNES vs. Genesis or n64 vs. Playstation these systems are almost identical. If anyone can think of another generation where two competing consoles had chips from the same exact manufacturer with nearly the same exact specs I'd like to know.

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MASTER_RAIDEN1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

theres BARELY any power difference.

i mean aside from the fact that its 2015 and 720p is still part of the conversation.

iTechHeads1197d ago

Really? Sounds hypocritical to me seeing as XBO can't really handle 1080p very well. The dev then goes on to say its unthinkable to go back to 720p.....

Zeref1197d ago

If i can get photorealistic graphics at 720p and 60fps. I don't see the problem.

reallyNow1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

"subtle"? The verbiage on the subtitle doesn't jive with the quote.

Jayszen1197d ago

Delusional, wishful thinking.

It is what it is and no amount of writing, revisionism, and trolling will change the fact that the Xbox One console is just not as powerful as the PS4.

Xer0_SiN1197d ago

if by "not important" you mean the xbone getting obliterated by ps4 in the numbers game, then i agree.

elarcadia1196d ago

@Cindy For the love of everything, please stop playing games for a moment and go take a grammar class. I tried to understand your point, but there were so many run-on sentences and grammatical errors that my brain near exploded.

sensor211196d ago

Why flame bait its getting old !

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ritchi451197d ago

"Honestly the differences are not that important. They are present, it’s true, but we are very far from the technical difficulties we usually faced with a cross platform title on the previous generation. There may be subtle rendering difference between the two platforms but that seems unlikely. Our objective is really to offer the maximum of details in 1080p. And it’s unthinkable for us to go back to 720p.”

reallyNow1197d ago

Once again, the context matters WAY more than people realize. The technical difficulties of the past are gone because the challenging architecture has been eliminated. So they're saying that their product is going to be rendered to the best possible of the lesser system, but that it wont matter much in the end, as both games will look the same. He's not really speaking towards the power of the systems.

aerisbueller1197d ago

translation: "Our game will not take full advantage of the PS4"

MegaRay1197d ago

Gamingbolts? Yeah I thought so :)

frostypants1196d ago

Yep. Could tell from the headline before I even read the summary.

nitus101197d ago

That depends on the game and the enjoyment you get out of playing it.

I have a backwards compatible PS3 and sometimes play PS2 games and basically they look like the output of an up-scaled DVD some good some not so good but the game-play has not changed.

I can go back even further and play games on my son's old Gamecube. While the graphics were really designed for PAL (as were the PS2 and even the Xbox) or if you live in the USA NTSC the display even on my 55" HDTV 200Hz refresh rate is still good although nowhere near as good as a game that outputs at 1080p.

Unfortunately PS1 games even via a PS3 (all will play them) look very grainy on my TV and this does detract from the enjoyment of playing them.

Basically to me the most important aspect of a game is do I enjoy playing it. Granted good graphics definitely do help but a bad game is a bad game (subjectively of course) and "shiny" hi-res graphics don't help. A good game is definitely helped with hi-res graphics but only if it enhances the play-ability and enjoyment of the game.

frostypants1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Perfect example: the last-gen remake of Bionic Commando (the side scrolling one, not the stupid free-roam one). Even if it was basically the exact same game as the original 1980s game, the new graphics made it so much more enjoyable.