FIFA 09 Better than PES – Hands-On

Gameplayer was lucky enough to score some post-E3 time at EA's Vancouver studio playing FIFA 09. In this article they detail why FIFA has made the necessary improvements to out perform PES for the first time in years.

"The brilliant new animation technology extends beyond looking sweet and making the Ronaldos and Rooneys of the world carve it up on-screen like they do on the field. The whole game world feels more alive. Collision detection has been pumped up impressively and is now dynamic, so rather than getting canned 'stacking it' animations when two players collide they will dive heroically in every way imaginable depending on both the players body positions and momentum at the time and the point of collision."

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Montrealien3790d ago

EA Canada have really been doing their homework the last couple of years to make FIFA a better game. Konami have to up their game imho..

krakdol3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Definitely. I was a PES fan until this year, but in 2008 Fifa has become better than PES in my opinion. Better even on gameplay and realism, strangely enough.

The best version is the recent 'Euro 2008', because Fifa 08 was still a bit slow at times.

Most Fifa defaults left were already fixed in Euro 2008, so I can't wait for Fifa 2009 (and PES 2009 too to see if they come back on top).

tahersaid3790d ago

I think FIFA will take the lead this generation

shine13963790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

could be close...pes last year was a...dire warning...

somelikeithot3790d ago

wasn't it something to do with the wii version taking development time away from the playstation and xbox games??

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3790d ago

I'm still playing FIFA 98'!!! ;-D (PS1)
Sounds good FIFA 09'

FIFA 09 PS3 Better than FIFA 09 xBox 360 ;-D
(Sorry couldn't help it!!!) ;)

Montrealien3790d ago

So what you`re saying is you think the Ps3 version will be better then the 360 version, frankly i`m shocked! ;P

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3790d ago

I played both Versions of 'FIFA 2009' in '1999'!!! ;-D
I'm Ken Kutaragi;) i can see into the FUTURE!!! ;-D
Just look at the SEXY;)PS3...FUTURE PROOF!!! ;-P
+I did get FIFA 07' i liked that.
3 players in one team on that is Fun;)

flexbox3603790d ago

the 2 past pes didnt impress me at all. i hope they rebuilt that beautiful game from the ground get online right this time.

Fatmanp3790d ago

Apparently the new PES is being rebuilt.

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The story is too old to be commented.