Super Mario Maker Will Include More than 100 Levels On-Disc

According to the official European website for Super Mario Maker, the game will feature more than 100 already-created levels on the retail disc.

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1264d ago
Loadedklip1264d ago

Most 2D Mario games have 8 Worlds, 4 stages each ... that's 32 stages total.

100 stages in disc with unlimited stages online .... this is basically a 2D Mario fans dream come true.

I assume its
25 Super Mario Bros 1 style stages
25 Super Mario Bros 3 style stages
25 Super Mario World style stages
25 New Super Mario Bros style stages

Hopefully the ultra cool and challenging stages we saw at the Nintendo World Championships are in the disc. Definitely want to play stages like that.

MSBAUSTX1264d ago

Cobsidering that the levels we design can be switched between all of the incuded styles on the fly, the levels included will probably have the same capability.

ChickeyCantor1264d ago

Pretty sure the whole team just went crazy.

Mikito111264d ago

The championship ones will be in it, miyamoto himself announced it live on treehouse during a stream with the guys who made those levels :)

Loadedklip1264d ago

AWESOME ... thanks for the info.

Moonman1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

They are confirmed on the disc! Miyamoto made the Treehouse's (year and gaming life I suppose) by telling them that the levels they made will be included. They almost cried. ;p

Edit: Mikito11 beat me to it....its awesome that they value the creation community so much!

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ZeekQuattro1264d ago

That's very generous. I was expecting just a few test levels.

Moonman1264d ago

You are also allowed to manipulate the included levels and play them, you just can't upload those changes/edits as your own creation. They are including a booklet to help some gamers out if they don't have ideas. I have plenty!

Moonman1264d ago

This game is going to be one of Nintendo's best!