Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition Finally Released on PSN

You have waited for several months, and you jumped the gun a couple days ago when it was made available by mistake, but the moment has finally come.

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traumadisaster1238d ago

Yea I actually justified buying the ps4 at launch for this game cause motorstorm was my favorite.

For a few select games I started supporting the devs by buying their next work no matter what. NaughtyD, RStar, and motorstorm.

Got bit b...

nX1238d ago

Well then you probably enjoyed the game for half a year already. I'm glad that it's finally released but I couldn't care less as I bought it day1 and haven't regretted it since.

Mr Logic1238d ago

You really don't make sense. The game was announced as delayed before launch. You had time to not buy a PS4.

MysticStrummer1238d ago

@Bloodborn - "I'm glad that it's finally released but I couldn't care less as I bought it day1 and haven't regretted it since."

Yeah I don't normally keep playing racing games as long as I've played Driveclub. I return to it and have a blast every time. The game is cheap now so I expect that many who play the PS+ version will go ahead and buy it. Driveclub had a very odd journey into the gaming world and online problems in the beginning certainly hampered it's popularity, but for me it's been great fun and I feel it's very underrated.

TwoForce1238d ago

Of course, at least people can try out if they like it or not.

Rookie_Monster1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Great job on being the "first" to post this breaking news, Abriael!

CAN'T WAIT to try it later on after work. Been waiting for this for almost 2 years.

LackTrue4K1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

You willingly waited for it 2 years, because the game has been out 2 years ago.
Don't bull5hit about wanting to play it.

F0XHOUND1238d ago

All of the emphasis on CAPITALS and "doing this" makes me confused if your comment is sarcasm or not! Lol

SonyStyled1238d ago

^hes talking about how it was supposed to come out about 2 years ago alongside a ps plus version. It was originally a launch title for ps4

BigBosss1238d ago

It's a great game to those who have never had the chance to play it, now is that chance to try it out and decide whether to buy the game or not :)

ravens521238d ago

How's everyone liking it? Pretty darn good right?

BigBosss1238d ago

Game looks and plays amazing! Graphics are top notch and so is the gameplay!

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The story is too old to be commented.