Miyamoto says Star Fox Zero’s style was made with a purpose, games look the same these day

Nintendo finally unveiled Star Fox Zero during its Digital Event that aired on Tuesday. In creating the game, Shigeru Miyamoto has said that the team decided to focus on the gameplay and a purposeful visual style.

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Cindy-rella1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Lol. Same old Nintendo that likes to make excuses for bad graphics and archaic decisions. The new star fox game looks like a game cube game

eyeofcore1241d ago

Keep living in your own little world and I see you never saw a Gamecube game in your life ;)

Hoffmann1241d ago

To be honest, the graphics and especially the game environment design really look not too different from PS2/Xbox/Gamecube Era games.

stuna11241d ago

I know you'd like to think everyone is singling Nintendo out, but the truth of the matter lately Nintendo has done nothing to receive the praises its fanbase has been giving them! Their responses to their E3 offering has been nothing but what I call misdirectional excuses.

They just are not performing on the level that they are known to perform on! End of story.

Gamer7771241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

LOL No. The environmental textures were flat and bland,models looked low poly and the effects such as the explosions looked pasted onto the environment.

Doodleburger1241d ago

I have my gamecube still hooked up. Mario sunshine looks better than this game, even at 480i.

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ritsuka6661241d ago

The graphics look pretty awful. It's clearly rushed and it looks like it need another year+ of development.

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StarLord_Who1241d ago

bad graphics???

Say that about Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros and wait for the laugh...

Those games look better than most current gen games.

1241d ago
Doodleburger1241d ago

Yeah? Mario kart looks ok, but definitely not better than other current gen games. Just because they use a childish art style, you think it's better. This is why wind waker looked like finger paint garbage, people like you.

Gh05t1241d ago

Yeah and Starfox doesnt look anything like them so what is your point?

hulk_bash19871240d ago

So your defense for the bad graphics in Starfox is to bring up two games that have nothing to do with Starfox?

ShinMaster1240d ago


Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. 4 look great.

Star Fox doesn't, in comparison.

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Man_Marmalade1241d ago

It's looks like that SNES game, Vortex. The style I mean, not the graphics lol

pcz1241d ago

''Miyamoto says Star Fox Zero’s style was made with a purpose, games look the same these day''

what utter BS. the game is obviously made on a very low budget and with the emphasis on putting as little investment in, and getting maximum profit out. i have said it time and time again but it has been an obvious shift in nintendo's attitude towards its tech and software. i mean, the new super mario bros series is also another game made with this 'economic' philosophy, it has absolutely no artistic flair, it is merely functional. and this starfox game has that same 'merely functional' graphic style. its repulsive and offensive.

i remember right from the get go, nintendo pitched the wiiu as a next gen console capable of handling the graphics rich experiences gamers expect in the hd era. so to keep dishing up these horribly bland, gamecube-esque games is insulting and infuriating. its spitting in the face of all the wiiu owners who purchased the console on that promise.

starfox zero is an embarrassment, nintendo should be ashamed of themselves, having the audacity to serve that up after fans have patiently waited for damn near a decade for a next gen starfox game.

and to put the icing on the cake, the controls are said to be dismal. i predicted they would be as soon as they announced they would be using motion controls. so after all this waiting, nintendo delivered an ugly, broken mess.

great way to drive away more fans.

LonDonE1241d ago

U nailed it mate, that was just on point!
wish more people wake up and realise how niintendo is treating us old school fans like dirt and trolling us! seriously no way i will support them.

Its insulting and sad to see them self destruct.

Knushwood Butt1241d ago

Pretty funny how Nintendo say they didn't show Zelda in case it disappointed the fans, yet showed this steaming pile.

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N4g_null1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Of course we are all assuming a lot here. Maybe people won't like what we though starfox can be. Yet they should offer old starfox level as an incentive to this. Revising the old and offering it as free dlc could teach the team what starfox fans really like. The up roar is about an opportunity not an over arching complaint about nintendo. Starfox can be bigger if they exicute

Miyamoto need to learn better communication. Sure starfox looks different yet the style they are using is very forgettable.

Some one needs to show him some Pixar movies... they have realistic rendering and all the cartoon-ness we love. Splatoon even has a better visual style. Mk8 has a better visual style.

The first starfox had a certain style... Miyamoto wants to believe n64 starfox was better style wise and it wasn't. Even the music was better.

This is what happens when you are not using the same art team.

So far casuals and the hard core are not impressed by miyamoto. He needs a break. Some one else has to step up. Let miyamoto be the concept guy but nintendo needs a stronger visual team.

I think this is the true reason why nintendo gets flake for not being powerful.

Everyone loved the snes because of the power. They choose not to be too powerful so it would be cheap for customers yet the price is high again because of high ideas, gamepad. Yet we could really use some physical based shaders in starfox... I mean even some normal maps man.

If you want the design to stand out more then design it better. Make it striking then you at least don't need shaders but hold up. Can miyamoto actually make a eveangle, macross, or even an xenolade like creation?

Starfox fans are at least 30 now. We are getting a new star wars. Just got mad max. We want better. If he can't do it then find someone that can. I mean platinum mad vanquish... the design in that was great. If they want to change the colors then fine. Miyamoto needs to start listening and some one needs to say no sometimes.

pcz1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

its a good idea licensing IPs out to other devs, but nintendo are doing it all wrong.

why did they let Platinum make starfox? yes, platinum are great, but at what they do- action hack and slash! platinum would have been a better choice for a metroid action game, or zelda, but instead they put zelda in the hands of temco to produce hyrule warriors. what next, EA making f zero?

starfox assault was made by namco, which made sense since they make ace combat games... i think starfox zero would have been better in the hands of treasure, who made sin and punishment... just imagine what they could do with starfox!


yes, in theory it could have been good to make a retro looking starfox- but in the right style. when i first saw starfox zero, it did actually cross my mind that they might have went for a retro look, but then i realised they were simply bad graphics.

it could have been so cool if they added some visual flair, even if it were in a retro fashion. but im not buying what miyamoto said at all, the graphics are not stylish, they are just unpolished graphics from 2 generations ago.

marloc_x1241d ago

..or unpolished graphics months away from release?

GordonKnight1241d ago

This game may not have the best graphics, but two screens with different perspectives is really cool. The game is a buy for me.

ShadowWolf7121241d ago

Having to focus on two separate screens in a dogfight is a terrible idea.

Big_Game_Hunters1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

The style is fine, the graphical fidelity is the problem.

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-Foxtrot1241d ago

I don't think an updated Star Fox game with great graphics would look like every other game

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1241d ago

"All games look the same these days, so we made a conscious effort to make our games look worse so we are different."

That's some sound logic there nintendo, you really know how to not sell something.

eyeofcore1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

You like many others like you love to intentionally misinterpret and take it out of context and then force a premise that is detached from reality.

People claim that Star Fox Zero graphics aren't good and are awful and claim that it is on Gamecube level while they never obviously played any Star Fox games on Gamecube or saw it at least in action.

By their logic Killzone PS3 looks like Killzone on PS2.

EDIT: I love dislikes, I know that people want to believe that I am a Nintendo fanboy and thus unintentionally lie about me or maybe even intentionally.

The truth hurts as these morons cherry pick.

fanboysmackdown1241d ago

whoa, whoa, whoa there big guy. An ugly game no matter how you slice it is still an ugly game. Defend this polished turd of a game all you want....all I see is one ugly game.

Toiletsteak1241d ago

I gave you a dislike seeming as you love them.

Darkwatchman1241d ago

Umm what? Have you seen how good GAMECUBE games can look? Resident Evil 4 ring a bell? Star Fox Zero is easily a GAMECUBE era looking game. It doesn't even look like a last gen PS3/Xbox 369 game. It's far below even that.

Bimkoblerutso1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I won't argue that SF Zero looks like a Gamecube game, but when you compare footage, it is hard to imagine that a decade separates these two games:

Star Fox Assault:

Star Fox Zero:

And to be honest, SFA was not the prettiest game when it came out to begin with.

Testfire1241d ago

Wow eyeofcore lol, just quit now. You're making yourself look bad (worse).

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Revengeance1241d ago

So when they gonna give this game some online multiplayer?

TheColbertinator1241d ago

If it plays good,fine with with me. Gears and COD are about to release in the fall and I am bored of those two.