CDM’s Benign Gamescast: What’d We Think of E3 2015?

Gabe Carey, Bill Thomas, Olivia LeClair, and newly-added regular cast member Simon O’Neill gather to discuss every E3 2015 conference that took place last week.

Run time: 45 min. 41 sec.

Topics covered in this week's audio episode:

-What games are [the Benign Gamescast crew] playing?
-Microsoft E3 review
-Ubisoft, EA E3 review
-Sony E3 review
-Nintendo E3 review
-Square Enix E3 review

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SegaGamer1218d ago

I'll tell you what i thought of was awesome. Every conference had something great. E3 had something for every gamer out there. For me it had everything and more