Compare Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's facelift to the original game

It's easy to let nostalgia distort what the games we played almost a decade ago looked like. The most recent example of a possible victim of this tendency would be The Coalition's upcoming Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

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DarkOcelet1271d ago

The game is way too clean. And the textures in the old one looks dirty and muddy and in the new one looks very bright and clean.

I really appreciate that they upped the graphics and improved things in the Remake but the old atmosphere is gone. They are making the same mistake of Gears 3.

Oh well, at least Gears 4 looks fricking awesome.

mikeslemonade1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Pretty substantial difference. However in Gears 1 his suit still looks impressive. At times on when I was looking at the comparison I almost could not tell which vesions was which. Because his suit actually looks better at times in Gears 1 because it was more shinier.

Anyway we don't need a Gears remaster or Gears 4. A new IP would have been more welcomed.

gangsta_red1271d ago

"Anyway we don't need a Gears remaster or Gears 4."

We don't need a Gears 4? Who is this "we", because a lot of "we" I know are really looking forward to Gears 4.

"A new IP would have been more welcomed"

Recor, Sea of Thieves and Ion?

KarmaV121271d ago

We? Like you actually own an Xbox?! Your in every freaking article talking crap

700p1270d ago

As far as I can see, many people were excited for a gears 4 and the remaster. Also...we did get new ips..unless you didn't care enough to know that.

LexHazard791271d ago

Wow, Gear 1 looking great so far Remastered. Man cant wait, hopefully they use the Mad World song again for PR.

RaTaTaT1271d ago

Playing it looks great. It runs so smooth and no lobby lag. No more god host or crazy glitches for people to exploit. Most fun I've had in multiplayer all Gen. Already put 10 hours in and will most likely put around 30 before it ends.

tgunzz1271d ago

It's still a mad, mad world!!!! I remember when I first saw images of this game in gamepro/electronic gaming monthly magazines, and holding on to those mags until the first trailer (which is still locked in my old 360) launched. I watched that trailer everyday until the game finally came out! Gears of war is the shooter that gave the genre a face(it's marcus fenix), and for me there is none better.... I am all over this remaster, and absolutely can't wait for gears 4!!!

Revolt131271d ago

Dude, I share the same feelings as you :)

skyrimer1271d ago

Some of the new textures look great, but why are they changing the dark tone / mood of the stages completely? Some of those pics turn dark and creepy alleys into shiny streets that are just missing the rainbows and unicorns.

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The story is too old to be commented.