Reggie Fils-Aime: Iwata didn't apologize for Nintendo's E3; we make great games

To be perfectly clear: Nintendo president Satoru Iwata didn't apologize.

"It was not an apology," said Reggie Fils-Aime. "It was not a statement about the content we're showing, essentially it was an 'I hear you' message."

The not-apology, the message, was a tweet sent out by Iwata seemingly in reaction to a tidal wave of negative online reaction to the company's E3 Nintendo Direct this week.

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Magicite1221d ago

Do they want to reduce already small Nintendo's fanbase? These kinds of talks wont lead to anything good.

jcnba281221d ago

I think you are confusing the Nintendo fanbase with the Wii U install base.

Angeljuice1221d ago

So Iwata still owes an apology then.

N4g_null1221d ago

Really he doesn't. The games are still coming and that's all I care about. Wtf will I do with an apology?

They just need to hear the real fans that want starfox to be better. Want a real metroid hunters.

I bet you didn't know I was pissed that sony still hasn't shown a new god of war. Why because they really are dead to me and don't want gamers that ummmm like games. Where is the vita games? Oh well... then that ff7 lol. If anything ms won this year! Gasp and I hate the xbone. That hololens is cool yet I'm not sure why I should buy one. I'm really bored with the movie games. Really.... I'm not even mad at sony or ms they just continue to not make real games and I already have a Blu Ray player.

Luckily ps4 gamers got a lot of pc ports to play.

BrandanT1221d ago

I always thought Reggie sounded a bit like a dick when he responds to negativity.

LOL_WUT1221d ago

At least Iwata apologized in some way... For some reason Reggie thinks that what they showed at E3 was justifiable. The Metroid, Animal Crossing and Paper Mario games that where announced was a big slap to the face to all Nintendo fans ;)

pcz1221d ago

they all need firing. this new nintendo sucks.

ive become accustomed to disappointment from nintendo the last few years, but this e3 really drove home a harsh reality- nintendo have completely fallen off.

its not debatable now, its clear for everyone to see

watching nintendos e3 was like watching them commit commercial suicide

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bouzebbal1221d ago ShowReplies(3)
Agent_00_Revan1221d ago

I'm amazed he even heard the reactions with his head so far up his butt.

jim_panse1221d ago

they cant exept that they fucked this up this time. there is no spinning around try to convince people that these are the games we want. no, we want no 5$ metroid prime wannabe game that has nothing to do with metroid. no, we want no animal crossing which is essentially a mario party for ac amiibo. the wii u got nothing exciting we dont already new about. dont think we are stupid nintendo! we know that you know that the wii u is dead for you and all your resources go to 3ds and nx. be honest and dont try to sell us dogshit as it were a pott full of gold.

and this comes from a die hard nintendo fan who bought all your consoles and enjoys your games more then anthing. but right now im really pissed about your e3 showing and your inability to be in touch with your community.

Hoffmann1221d ago

I hear you Reggie.

And my message is that I did not buy a Wii U and won't buy one. You / Nintendo lost me a long while ago already and it is not looking like I will be your customer ever again.

Me / Many People

IrisHeart1221d ago

I can't believe the company that made my favorite game of all time is now utter crap.

Now you know how I feel M.Bison from Capcom.

EmptySkyForm1217d ago

What is your favorite game of all time?

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