Former Nintendo America President Says Games Industry Is 'Better' Because Of Xbox

Xbox is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, and as part of this, it's held a panel hosted by the former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé.

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darkrider432d ago

Of course, look at the amount of goty quality games that Microsoft launch in the last 20 years.... I think it were 25 games or 15 games or 10 games? 2 games?... The amount of new ip they launched...

MajorLazer432d ago

They released a lot of quality games in the first 10/11 years. Not sure why you felt like attacking their whole history when they were actually good for about half of it.

NealGamby432d ago

He was paid to be there. Microsoft trying everything they can to look relevant.

MadLad432d ago

On 4th generation of console.
Largest gaming subscription service had.
Has multiple inhouse studios games up for goty awards.
Large number of big name titles, as well as new IP coming down the pipeline.
While not the best selling console, is still doing highly well.

Want to define what you consider "relevance", because you're either highly in an anti-MS bubble, or your expectations are so high nobody should rightfully be considered for it.

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Nerdsworth432d ago

Way to make an ass, Neal.

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Neonridr432d ago

Having all 3 companies has benefitted the gaming industry. The way some people on N4G talk, they would love to see Sony as the only maker of hardware. Competition spurs creativity and helps push the industry forward.

ColtPSSX432d ago

Yeah like Xbox fanboy weren’t hoping MS bought more studios to keep them away from Sony.
If I recall when they bought zenimax a lot of Xbox fanboys was calling Sony’s doom.
Every fanboy does it.

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Teflon02432d ago

Ps360 owner, we're you not around when the 360 dude bro Era existed. That was the most toxic Era in gaming. Legit was pretty even and the Xbox fanboys completely took over acting crazy af all over. PS outnumbers Xbox fanboys, but they've yet to be even half as bad as the 360 fanboys.

TheRealHeisenberg432d ago


I witnessed that toxic era and the Sony ponies were equally as toxic. Such a poor attempt at revisionist history.

ColtPSSX432d ago


No not really.
It wasn’t until Sony got on equal grounds with Xbox after being behind a year Sony fanboys became more toxic but that’s due to the fact how toxic Xbox fans were.

I remember, because I use to be a toxic Xbox fanboy, but that was when I was in middle school lol

TheRealHeisenberg432d ago


It is all a matter of perspective. You obviously see it from a Sony fanboy point of view which is really no different than that of a Xbox fanboy. You are all stuck in your own echo chambers and don't care what the other side has to say; much like Libtards and Trumptards in the good old USA.

ColtPSSX432d ago


Did you not read anything I wrote or you just chose to ignore it.

I literally said I use to be a toxic Xbox fanboy during the 360 era.
How do I see it as a Sony fanboy side??
I literally witness how toxic we were and how much fun it was because we outnumbered them.

I’ll wait for your response.

Kavorklestein431d ago

You're a fool.
Sony fans don't "do it to get back at 360 fans who did it first.c
They do it just to DO it. In general. Period.

ColtPSSX431d ago

@ kavorklestein

Again I never said that.
What I meant was when they finally had ammo to fire back they released everything at once to match how toxic Xbox fans were.

Kind of like how Xbox fanboys are now if you didn’t notice. But I wouldn’t doubt if you think Xbox fanboys are the victim while Sony is the big bad wolfs lol.

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dbcoops432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

"The way some people on N4G talk, they would love to see Sony as the only maker of hardware."

Wasn't that long ago some people here were absolutely positive Sony was going to go bankrupt, it was less of a fact and more akin to wishful thinking but apparently some would love to see Sony gone from the industry so lets not point hypocritical fingers.


Apparently your history forgot about the 360. PS3 was not two to three times the install base of 360 and Sony is not "far worse" that's just your myopic biased opinion.

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dbcoops432d ago


"Use your comprehension skills."

My God are any of you people capable of communicating without the snide remarks and insults? How about try using your polite adult conversation skills. Dude saying "historically" implies always, nothing about it suggests otherwise you just picked the wrong term to use. Also you're pulling numbers out of thin air to make a point, 5% and 5% um ok. Since we are just throwing numbers out how about if I said 5% of the Playstation fan base was fanboys while 90% of the xbox fan base was fanboys. The problem is you don't know the numbers you're just making them up to make it sound like the Playstation fan base is as you claim "far worse" which is not a fact but your opinion based on numbers you came up with nothing more.

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dbcoops431d ago


"What is important is what is considered a more reasonable or practical assumption"

"what do you believe"

I believe when people make assumptions they're usually wrong. Good day now.

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TripleAAARating431d ago (Edited 431d ago )


Dude, what metric are your numbers based on? The worldwide fanbase?.. because I can assure you these toxic ps fanbois you're talking about are in the minority.. because culture is a major factor as well... you'll see these toxic fanboys on BOTH sides are based mainly in North America, and North America is the land of XBOX, where 80% of its install base resides... most PlayStation fans outside of the US don't give a shit about console wars... so if you're looking at numbers based on install base, Toxic Xbox fanboys far outnumber that of PlayStation.

dbcoops431d ago (Edited 431d ago )


"and then made a snide comment"

Where did I make a snide comment exactly?

"incapable of reason"

I don't have to reason with your opinions dude. You're making things up what about that requires me to reason with it?

"You have also contributed absolutely nothing to the subject matter of this thread"

I have contributed no more or less than you have. Now once again, good day.

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BehindTheRows432d ago

Pointing fingers at one side is a very large part of the problem. But, I'm sure you knew that.

OT: In any event, the game industry is great and would have been so without Xbox. Did it contribute? Certainly. Was it needed (over SEGA/Sony/Nintendo)? I wouldn't say so.

I would actually have preferred SEGA stick around, as like Nintendo and Sony, they were all about their own content, despite their 3rd Party deals and interactions.

Neonridr431d ago

my point was to highlight that having more than one company is beneficial to the industry as a whole. I like to point fun at N4G sometimes because of the nature of the fanbase.