On storage space for modern consoles

MWEB GameZone writes: "Not enough hard drive space. Do you know the feels?

With games becoming more digital focus, console updates & the massive size of current AAA games 500GB is looking smaller by the day."

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SonZeRo1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

More space would be nice. 500GB on the consoles are not enough. Luckily PS makes it easy enough to replace the drive with a bigger one.

jackanderson19851225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

bit off topic but related in a sense... is there a way to copy the games/saves/whatever else from the drive in the PS4 to a new one (that'll be used for the upgrade)

i left the 500gb in (didn't have the bother (and a fear i'd screw up) to upgrade when i got it) and i've hit the limit (deleting alot of games to install news) so i'm looking to upgrade (unless sony mention external drives at E3 then i'm sorted)

plut0nash1225d ago

They haven't mentioned external drives yet, so I'm not sure that'll happen.

Griever1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

We will never have enough storage space. It has been an issue since the dawn of the computer age. Whenever you provide more storage space, the size of the content increases as well. Furthermore, as internet speeds increase, people download more and bigger files. I remember a time when 500GB was considered MASSIVE. When I was in college, my computer science professor used to say that 1TB storage is enough to store the data of a whole country. Today 1 TB is nothing. Even a 2TB HDD in the consoles will be be filled up in a couple of years if you go fully digital especially with the games reaching upward of 40GB sizes frequently. It impossible to satiate the hunger for storage space and the console manufacturers cannot offer 2TB HDDs without hurting their profits significantly.

ZombieDreddZA1225d ago

Even the 1TB hard drives won't be enough soon, and will be swallowed up quickly.

jackanderson19851225d ago

to be fair to Xbox, they solved that issues relatively quickly with allowing external drives... solved the problem for me pretty quickly

HanCilliers1225d ago

But for how long? Isn't at least 1TB the norm for current-gen, or SHOULD be the norm?

jackanderson19851225d ago

not sure what you mean by "how long"... allowing the use of externals would seemingly solve the problem forever as you can swap them in and out

500GB is the norm at the moment, 1TB should have been the norm (MS just announced a 1TB model, and i'm assuming Sony will too shortly)

Pastorfuzz1225d ago

I just picked up a 4TB WD My Book for my Xbone for $124 on Amazon. Games from my Xbone's 1TB hard drive transfer over to the external pretty quick also. I am hoping PS4 allows for this option soon. I know I can change out my PS4 drive, But I would like to put one of these 4TB externals with it.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I just was updating my comments in another thread about this topic. FYI, here's a repost so people know what's possible.
With that much data to potentially lose, you should think about using a USB RAID 1 enclosure for your XO.

Here's one that works with the XO.

You can use a RAID 5\10 enclosure that can be faster, though I prefer RAID 1 enclosures that don't make the drives dependent on the RAID logic; that way, the XO can read from either disk outside of the enclosure, by using a USB adapter.

@Disagree, I don't know how anyone can sleep well at night with over 1TB of data loss possible and potentially weeks of frustration looming, if the disk fails. PSUs and hard disks are what fail most in computers... they're practically guaranteed to fail, given enough time.

SSD is becoming a good option, though a RAID enclosure is less expensive than SSD for the same or much more space, and the first generations of SSDs were scary in how they could just brick one day without warning (I generally only use Samsung SSDs now, the 850 EVOs are great... to maximize space, my systems use 3 of them in RAID-5 for 1500MB reads and 850 writes without requiring a RAID card... on Intel chipsets, only writes are faster at 1250MB with 3 disk RAID 0... the chipset maxes at 1500MB reads).

If wanting the ultimate in performance and reliability, get two RAID 5 enclosures (second for failover) and use RAID 5 to maximize space while the SSDs maximize the enclosure's throughput... I think anyone that has lots of money should go that route, if they're serious about collecting XO games.

What XO really needs is a backup feature similar to PS4, especially since it's better designed for that, because PS4 requires an ugly cable sticking out the front when leaving a backup drive connected.

Edit: I should mention that, although I think the money is no object SSD+RAID5 route should improve performance, the simplicity and much lower cost of mirroring a couple of 3-6TB disks is really a better way to go for serious collecting, unless you just have to have the best and fastest possible.

@343_Guilty_Spark, you're BACKWARDS... you're posting drivel... I don't even own that device or have anything to do with the company. I was just trying to be helpful with everyone now realizing they need more space than 500GB.

@GameSpawn, I agree with you some; however, re-installing over 1TB is REALLY inconvenient (my original reply was to someone who had 4.5TB for his XO), many people have the extra money if they have that much content, and people probably didn't know it was possible... that's why I posted about it.

On a related note, I'd really like to know if XO can work normally after an internal disk failure... anyone know if someone has tested if XO works after a disk failure, leaving only the 8GB of flash and\or an external drive working?

343_Guilty_Spark1225d ago

Stop posting this drivel. We don't want your products.

GameSpawn1225d ago

I don't know about the Xbox One, but the PS4 supports cloud saves with PS+. It's a limited capacity, but it automatically removes older saves once the capacity limit is reached.

In my case, my console stuff is just not that vital. The cloud save backup will have the games I recently played and have been working on and care more for. The ones I've finished (in hindsight) I could care less if I lost my progress on them because I was already finished with them.

Anyone who thinks their console gaming installation data and saves are so direly important to justify a RAID'd setup really needs to think about their priorities. They're just games. They're not 50 years of family photos and history or financial data.

All your console purchases (at least with the PlayStation and Xbox networks - I believe Nintendo still links purchases to a console not the account so you can login elsewhere [a new console] to reinstall) are linked with your account and can easily be redownloaded and reinstalled and restarting a game from scratch really isn't as bad as it seems.

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