Planet Xbox 360: Schizoid XBLA Review

There was a saying in the first season of Lost that summed up the survivors' best chances to stay alive on the mysterious island, "Live together, die alone". That mantra comes to life in the brilliant new XBox Live Arcade title, Schizoid. As the first fruit picked off the XBLA Game Studio Express tree, it is certainly ripe.

After getting a glimpse of what the Creators Club had to offer with enticing demos a few months back, Schizoid is the first such offering available for sale on XBLA. The game touts itself as 'the most co-op game ever'. It is one hell of a bold claim, landing on the platform that has built its success on amazing co-op experiences like Gears Of War and Crackdown. Still, they are absolutely correct. The title changes the way you think of a co-op game, and delivers the goods. In most co-op offerings, your partner is more of a bonus. It is great that they are there, but you could realistically play the game just fine without them. That all changes with Schizoid.

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