Eurogamer TV - MotorStorm: Pacific Rift 10-Minute Special

Eurogamer TV visits Evolution Studios to get the scoop on MotorStorm: Pacific Rift for the PS3 set to hit this fall. Exclusive info and footage is showcased.

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morganfell3744d ago

I wonder if Eurogamer paused to express their opinion of Sony by urinating on the outside of the studio building.

sonarus3744d ago

One of my most anticipated titles for the yr

PoSTedUP3744d ago

this is my most anticipated title this year. LBP is really close behind.

omg i just got an adrenalin rush from that video.... *goes to play motorstorm*

badz1493744d ago

nuff said! I fvckin' LOVE the 1st one and was hoping for more! then Motorstorm2 was announced and I was sold just with the announcement! it's evolution studio and I love their WRC Xtreme on PS2 and I love Motorstorm! can't wait!!

pizzas3744d ago

Have you guys seen the E3 HD trailer on PSN? The environments almost look photo realistic and oh man, how they've improved everything from lighting to textures. It looks freaking amazing.

FAQS3744d ago

Q: Have you guys seen the E3 HD trailer on PSN?
A: Oh, I saw that, man...Amazing, that trailer is so BEATIFUL, like you said seems so better than the first...And I thought that was almost impossible...Can't wait for this!

SL1M DADDY3744d ago

They have come a long way in just a short couple months. Many mocked the game when they saw the original trailer but after the E3 trailer, it is clear to me how wrong the nay-sayers were. This game is shaping up to be an amazing ride.

Baba19063744d ago

really really good looking game. cant wait to play this splitscreen.

Shaka2K63744d ago


Sony owns this holiday season, microsuck generic of wars is done hahahahahahahaha!

iMad3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Gears2 will outsell all your games combined :)))

PS3 will be dead it software and hardware sales since September.

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The story is too old to be commented.