PALGN E3 2008: SoulCalibur IV Preview

PALGN writes: "When SoulCalibur debuted on the Dreamcast it quickly went on to become one of the primary reasons to own a Dreamcast and one of the best fighting games ever made. Since then the series has seen two sequels and although neither of them lived up to the brilliance of the first title, they were still both memorable fighting games. Here we are with the new generation of consoles and SoulCalibur IV has made the leap to high definition, well we've had a chance to go hands on with a near finished version of the game, so how is it shaping up?

One of the first things we noticed about the game is that the gameplay has been changed a little as well and, in our opinion it's for the better. The game adds in a new critical attack option. The critical attack option can be used to break through the guard of a defensive player. If you do manage to land attacks on players while they're blocking, their defence will weaken, leaving them more vulnerable to your attacks. If you do happen to weaken their defence significantly their health bar will flash red and landing an attack after this happens will make your opponent fall backwards, during this time you can perform a critical hit."

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Kal8533929d ago

Can't wait to start playing it!