Gamers Universe Preview: Highlander

Gamers Universe writes: ""There can be only one" is the memorable quote synonymous with cult classic movie Highlander. A movie that spawned a string of god-awful sequels and confirmed that Sean Connery can do no accent other than his own - his swashbuckling Spaniard imparting wisdom in a 'dishtinctly Shcottish' brogue.
"There can be only one" is however, not quite so apt when pertaining to Highlander: The Game, the third crack at fashioning a videogame using the licence. Granted, the previous two titles were made in 1986 and 1994 respectively, the latter finding a home on the ill-fated Atari Jaguar of all places. Not a box-fresh film licence by any means then, but Scarface: The World Is Yours proved that a twenty-five year old movie licence could still cut the mustard as perfectly serviceable source material, so why shouldn't Highlander be able to repeat the trick?"

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whoknew3742d ago

The only person I know who likes Highlander is my mother. That alone is more than enough to make it uncool & uninteresting to me.