Lost And Found: Games Gone MIA-Located at E3?


"Prior to E3'09 I listed 22 games gone Missing In Action (MIA) that I hoped to see at E3. Well in this update you will see which ones re-appeared, which ones remain lost, and which ones are stuck in production waiting for a publisher to help out."

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Forrest Gump4145d ago

YES,more Perfect Dark XD!

Superfragilistic4145d ago

If only...

Rare are working on Natal along with two other projects. Hopefully Molyneux will bring the shy guys at Rare out into the sunlight to spill the beans.

I'd definitely be interested in a new Viva Pinata or Perfect Dark with Natal controls.

Godem4145d ago

I just want a new Conker from Rare!

darkmurder4145d ago

I was downloading SSF2 Turbo HD and when I looked at my hard drive as it was downloading it came up as Perfect Dark, very odd lol.

Immortal Kaim4145d ago

God, I would love a new Conker...Come on RARE, what are you hiding?

allegionary4145d ago

I'd love a PD0 2! Even though it was only first gen, the multi was fantastic!

Freak of Nature4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Rares KI3 with natal would probably be very popular....

My choice would be an all new pushing the limits proper Banjo threeie and or a new full blown new gen Conker.Done with all the attention Rare and Microsoft can give them...Go all out,bring some new mechanic,raise the bar.....If not Banjo or Conker,give me Kameo 2 and or a new gen cart racer.....A new act/adv/platformer IP would be OK in my book too.....I just hope they can return to their former glory....They need to push for it,and not settle for just good enough...

Edge Of Twilight...I saw it at E3,looked at some nice target renders,saw some pre-viz art from sections in the game,and came away pretty impressed,a sleeper hit in the making? I do doubt it's Fall 09' release however,but hope I am wrong,and it does come,has potential....

Halo Chronicles... I have two former art/work partners that worked on it as late as August 08'.they did concept art,design.....My best quess is it will be all about natal and 3D....blink,blink....

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Forrest Gump4145d ago

Oh,it's actually NOT found :(

gaminoz4145d ago

Not yet. Rare are hard at work at SOMETHING...question is what? Perfect Dark Zero 2 for Natal? That would be cool...

XboxOZ3604145d ago

Well I'd certainly like to play for Ms Dark, that's for sure.

I thought we would have heard about some of the ones still MIA though, plus there were a few quite horses that slipped through no one was even expecting . ..

Immortal Kaim4145d ago

Wow epic list of games...So many still MIA though.

XboxOZ3604145d ago

While they are MIA, there's still work being done on them, it's just that the dev are a bit quite on them, while some have simply been moved aside for faster moving items that bring in the $$'s so the other newer IP's can be worked on.

We're just going through our huge Xbox 360 games listing atm, removing released and canceled games, and adding a swag of new ones that are poppping up around the globe.

gaminoz4145d ago

I'd love to know the percentage of games that make it to market that were listed for 360...

Is it the economic downturn or is it the rise in gaming standards with the big publishers putting out mega games that dwarf interest in the little guys? Is it just too hard if you're not Ubi, EA, Activision etc.??

allegionary4145d ago

I really doubt too many of those will be finished; they may be made for PC or show up in a year or two. I wonder what the devs do when they have a game on hold?

Make another that will be put on hold or make a Wii ior DS game...

DoctorQ4145d ago

Dead, you developers think your sooooo funny, well, you know what, you kinda are as i thoughht that Alan Wake was gonna be pushed back a fair bit, still, great list

XboxOZ3604145d ago

The number of games 'coming' from PC platform increases every month mate, not decreases. Many have shown up on our listing over the years, and a good number of those have made it into reality as developers realize the huge untapped market that is available on consoles, if they can capture it.

Doesn't make either platform better or worse, or one game better than the other, it simply means we as gamers get more games, better and bigger choices, and the industry grows.

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gaminoz4145d ago

What happened to all the MMORPGs that were supposed to come out on 360? They just did a Casper....

allegionary4145d ago

I doubt well see an online MMORPG on consoles.

XboxOZ3604145d ago

They certainly did, where was APB, and Huxley??? I think I heard some rumblings about them somewhere, but unsure. Those two would certainly be interesting games on the 360, or any console for that matter.

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