OXCGN E3 Search: 12 Games Gone MIA - Games we need to see at E3


"We get some game announcement that attracts our attention, or perhaps some images or video footage, and then the game simply… disappears? The most famous example in gaming, of course, is Duke Nukem, but there have been a number of titles this generation that have 'gone walkabout' as we say here in Oz and I'm hoping that some of them reappear at this year's E3, now less than a month away.

Is vaporware increasing due to economic pressures? Interestingly not one of the following games is a sequel. So, here are 12 of the games gone Missing In Action (MIA)..."

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XboxOZ3604185d ago

There's actually quite a few more games gone MIA, but these 12 do raise some concerns. However, there has been some news rumbling from a few of these developers - so there could well be some major news coming our way from E3 09

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gaminoz4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Ya Mein Fuhrer ! LOL...seriously not a great pic...but I do miss the robot version in Wolfenstein 3D...

darkmurder4185d ago

Ja mein fuhrer, I shall get the SS on it asap.

Immortal Kaim4185d ago

I haven't even heard about some of those games. The Crusaders: Invasion of Constantinople looks awesome, what a great time period to explore. LOL Hopefully we get a solid release for Alan Wake at E3 :)

gaminoz4185d ago

Yeah I'd love for that game to come about. I even enjoyed the Knights of the Temple games last gen set during the Crusades. The website for Crusade Constantinople has some good concept art and story but without a big publisher will it get out there on the 360?

Superfragilistic4185d ago

I have no doubts we'll see Alan Wake for a number of reasons, some which I can't share, but the most obvious is that it has a solid publishing agreement which many of the others simply don't!

Seems like many are concepts or working prototypes that developers are trying to sell off to publishers, in what is a buyers market if a publisher is willing to take the risk.

Having said that, Edge of Twilight, Dead Island (zombies!) and The Crossing sound promising.

But the Outsider sounds like a poor man's Alpha Protocol.

gaminoz4185d ago

Exactly Super...

There are some great concepts that could be polished up by the big publishers, but with EA making huge losses and the global financial freakout, will they take the chance and buy NEW IPs?

I'd be interested to know what you think, as you seem to understand these things...

Superfragilistic4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

As you note it's all about the balance of risk/reward... so while things are cheap there's a lot of risk in untested IPs, particularly from untested developers. One way to mitigate that risk is to only acquire IP that fits into popular genres/markets that aren't oversaturated with content.

I think forget EA as they're in a cost cutting mood. But keep your eyes on Acti-Bliz as they have plenty of cash to buy up cheap devs and IP if it suits, particularly if it fits something that's lacking in their current portfolio and production slate. Ubisoft is perhaps the dark horse, with a very different approach to development and acquisitions.

So of the 11, ignoring Alan Wake which is spoken for, Dead Island, depending on its quality, looks to be the best buy from a publisher/executive point of view. It fits two popular genres (FPS and sandbox), with a focus on a young market that is currently craving zombies but has little real offerings (Left 4 Dead, COD: WAW, Dead Rising). The impressive sales success of Left 4 Dead & COD's map pack perhaps illustrate that "zombie demand" is still very much outstripping "undead supply". :)

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gaminoz4185d ago

I also notice that a lot of them are 360/ PC games...not PS3? Not trying to start a flame war, but it seems the more PC-type titles that are also listed for 360 are the ones going missing.

Those games have a lot in common: they aren't sequels, they all have interesting concepts, and they don't come from big publishers. It's a shame if they don't re-appear because there are a few I'd love to play!

Bathyj4185d ago

Is an Xbox site.

They're hardly going to plug PS3 games.

Superfragilistic4185d ago

Err actually they tend to plug PS3 games a lot.

They were even at the Killzone 2 launch and gave the game like a 9/10! lol

And if I remember correctly they gave GOY to MGS4 last year, which as much as I enjoyed it, kinda pissed me off... I had other favourites.

But whatevs each to their own, but plenty of kudos to OXCGN for keepin it real. :)

PSP24185d ago

a lot of 360 games have gone MIA i wonder yyyyyyyyyyyy....

Superfragilistic4185d ago

I don't know yyyyyyyyy... could you tell me?

gaminoz4185d ago

Yes I find it troubling, but hardly surprising. A lot of these games were announced before the PS3 had much penetration in the market.

IaMs124185d ago

Not trying to start anything but maybe they hushed up because they are now planning a PS3 version since they see potential in it then will reveal more. But somehow i doubt we will see half of them anyways

Godem4185d ago

the Edge of Twilight artwork in the pic looks awesome!

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