Exclusive Peter Molyneux Video Interview About Fable 2

Platform Nation scores an exclusive interview with Peter Molyneux as he talks to us about his upcoming hit Fable 2.

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Veryangryxbot3742d ago

Oh yea sure, all 360 games are hits...not.

Is this overhyping of 360 games going to start again?

TheXgamerLive3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Your name shows what a friggin idiot you are. Your no Xbox 360 fan, just a pathetic sony wannabe fangirl trying to crush anything Xbox releated.

p.s. Oh and btw, there's no such thing as an xbot. Only sany fangirls like yourself, who like to use the term.
I realize your upset b/c you wasted probably almost 600.00 on a ps3 waanbe console and have nothing to play. So, get the sand out of your vagina and buy an Xbox 360, then you'll truly be playing all the Xbox "HITS" such as FABLE 2.

Veryangryxbot3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

The rpg thats 12 hours long?

lol instant failure. Yea well, it comes on 1 DVD so kind of suspected that it wouldnt be very long at all...They are hoping you will be running around in circles for 8 hours. So then it can call itself a 20 hours long RPG lol.

Highwayman3740d ago


12 hours is for the main quest in itself. Please show me an RPG that has a main quest line that is longer that this? Oblivion was actually shorter than 12 hours. Besides that isn't really the point is it?
The point here is that Fable 2 will have enough content to rival Oblivion. Don't you know anything of RPGs? What makes an RPG an RPG is all the side quests, looting, dungeon crawling, etc..of which Fable 2 will have plenty of, not only that but it'll have things like chicken kicking, drinking at the pub, sex with prostitutes(always a good time..hehe)Gambling, real estate, other mini games of which we don't know of (details) but know that they are there, taking care of family, and jobs....Does this sum it up for you any?

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mesh13743d ago

wow he has another game up his sleeve.

NO_PUDding3742d ago

He has tons of concepts up his sleeve.

I am warming to him. I have to admit nopt to his game though. It seems overcomplicated, he didn't even know how to praise his dog.

The game is just too tangled for my liking. It was always kind of the same with Black and White, but then so is Sim City and most 'RTS's should be.

nirwanda3742d ago

he did know how to praise his dog but his dog had got himself stuck in a bush probably one of the bug fixes he was going on about but I can see where you are coming from it must have a lot of content and complexity to test if it's taking 11 months to iron out all of the bugs.

Gold3nStat3KID3742d ago

ive been telling every1, especially in here, that the game comeing up is called B.C., yes it was stated as cancelled. But the game was almost finished for the original xbox in '05. They are going to release it on Xbox 360.

Highwayman3740d ago

I disagree with No pudding.

This game looks very easy and very accessible just like Fable was.

Give it a try if it is too complicated for you well you return it to your local video rental place.

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Kal8533742d ago

HOLY CRAP! 180,000 lines of AMBIENT dialog. Wow. Awesome.

green3742d ago

I have a lot of Peter Molyneux because he shows alot of passion towards the games he makes.It's really good to know that he has 2 more IP's in the works.

Can't wait for Fable 2.

Dark SeRaNADE3742d ago


Oh wow! did you come up with that on your own? thats Impressive! must have taken you a while!

how do you make time to put on yer push up bra and panties?! Its quite frankly, Remarkable! :O

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