Analysis: Why Microsoft Won E3 2008


"With almost no exclusive titles to speak of, and with high-profile projects like Alan Wake nowhere in site, how is it that Microsoft still came away as the big winner this year? It's because unlike competitors Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft was ale to broaden the appeal of their gaming hardware, rather than narrow it. While Nintendo and Sony were chasing the ultra-casual and super-hardcore gaming demographics, Microsoft delivered a package that can broadly appeal to all types of gamers."

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clinker4446d ago

After the bombshell that was FFXIII, I think people are correct to assume that other so-called exclusives might lose their exclusivity.

When Konami sees all the money Square is raking in on 360 software sales, do you think they won't consider doing the same thing?

N2NOther4446d ago

I'm not taking anything from an XBOX centric site seriously but when you look at the sales for MGS4, and what Konami wants, it's a no brainer for it to make it's way to the 360.

It sold 1.5 million in a day and has barely sold a million since then. It's sold little more than half a million in Japan and 800,000 in the states. Is it a hit? Yes. Is it the hit Konami wanted? Doubtful. They stand to make a ton of more sales on the 360 and this is a fact.

4446d ago
DiabloRising4446d ago

N2N... by your logic, Epic is STUPID to keep Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 exclusive. They should release it on the PS3 as well to rake in more sales.

Hell, MS is stupid to release Halo 3 on the 360. They should release it on the PS2!!! 120 million potential customers is alot more than 18 million. What a silly, stupid business move!

I love dumbing down business, it's so easy to do!

Nathaniel_Drake4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

There's just one thing you are forgetting, Kojima Productions. There wasn't a person that controlled the game for FFXIII that wanted only on a specific system. Kojima has the control and the say whether to put this on the 360 and he has stated numerous times that he won't do that, IMO Kojima seems like a person that won't be interested in creating more money if it means that it will hurt his work of arts

STREET x KING4446d ago

if u hear all the positive things Kojima says about the 360 then maybe u will see that kojima might decide to make a 360 version(maybe)

Nathaniel_Drake4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

No doubt Kojima is a gamer, he is not a console fanboy, but I think he looks at things where he can create his art on the best canvas and doesn't want to compromise it, he is still thinks he could have done better with MGS4 on the PS3 and is disappointed with it, he is a perfectionist so trying to cut some corners to fit on a lower medium or having to compress the somethings so they will fit can't be something he looks forward to I think

Note: I'm not saying anything bad about the 360 its just that MGS4 was made for PS3 because Kojima wanted it on that system for the reasons I stated above

StephanieBBB4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

That statement is retarded.
Microsoft wow moments:
FFXII - announced for xbox360
Netflix - movie streaming
Let down moments:
Avatars - Wii ripoff
Netflix - yet another subscribtion

Nintendo wow moments:
Let down moments:
Too many...

Sony wow moments:
R2 - fight with the huge monster.
MAG - announcement and 256 players at the same time in one map.
PSN Video store - announcement and released the same day.
More fun than wow but still amazing:
Littlebigplanet - power point presentation.
Let down moments:
GoW3 - only a CGI trailer.
PSN Video store - Only in the US.

Ok so we have:
MS 1 moment
Ninten 0 moments
Sony 2,5 moments.

People that judge this must have been hypnotised by MS crap talk of Sony.

Tomdc4445d ago

im all for broadening markets but not with lame looking copies of other games... lips and your in the movies looked rubbish! I love casual games but xbox cannot do em... I want more from sony tho at the mo they were quite good with casual with PS2. They found a nice mix between casual and hardcore (we should call this demographic "cascore" or "hardual", I pesonally prefer "Hardual"). Im getting buzz soon, but I want some good eye toy stuff from them!

supahbad4445d ago

what did MS announce? a sh!tty port from a 3rd party developer? congrats they won it, FF13 was not the end all be all of sony exclusives, i was not excited for it at all. I am excited for MAG, bottomline sony had the better show, but they were all pretty lackluster

thewhoopimen4445d ago

I would say its "even-steven" considering Sony gets Bioshock and Bioshock2 .

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xhi44446d ago

because the name of the site is

clinker4446d ago

This will make you happy then:

"Why Sony Won E3 2008"

thewhoopimen4446d ago

.... they add Mii toos and all of sudden they've expanded their horizon? How about loss of market focus? Can't that be another interpretation?


last time i checked, you couldnt win E3? thats like saying i won at buying groceries today

Says you4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

Sony won E3 instead of Microsoft?.

Montrealien4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

because different news sources have different points of view?

MS: good keynote, huge Bomb
Sony: ok Keynote, no bomb
Nintendo: Henry III crazy bat sh*t

This is my opinion, Yahoo has theirs, and this Xbox site has their own, sh*t happens.

xhairs94446d ago

How was Sony's keynote okay and microsofts good? That doesn't even make sense considering most of microsofts keynote was multiplat bull sh!t.

Lets take a look at Sony's, Resistance for PSP? Drop the bomb right there on MS. Sure microsoft dropped a huge bomb I'll admit it, but as far as saying MS' keynote was GOOD and Sony's was ok? That's a crock of sh!t in its own.

Montrealien4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

So what your saying 1.2, is thatt you preferred sony's keynote? I respect that, I preferred MS's keynote. I hope that clears things up for you sir...

By reading your profile you would not be a sony enthusiast now would you? I respect that, just don't let that cloud your judgment. But I'm sure it already does....

azmanmanz4446d ago

microsoft bomb thier own console

Joe29114446d ago

What was this so called 360 bomb, you mean a stupid rip off of sonys interface? Besides know ps3 has all the capabilities they said it would and nows the time for games not system updates, just look at ps3 list of games vs 360 games and you will know what im talking about, motorstorm 2, resistance 2, sequels to 2 of the best launch titles, then you look at Home and the potential of that. So this bomb of yours, what was it? cz i think i missed it or your just way over hyping yourself.

Montrealien4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

hey guys, take it as you will, FF13 at the end of the press conference was a big bomb, you may not agree with me but it is true. I'm still getting it on my PS3 though. I don't get over hyped, unlike you with all the titles you felt the need to started name dropping, you reek of fanboy.

I just want Sony and MS to be competitive and always besting each other, then all gamers win. You a little brand whore like you ;D

Pain4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

Just like the ones that said u guys can win Iraq....

last time i say this... What Sony Showed was MUCH better then the 'We Copied Mii's avatars and made a 2d Home rip-off' and buy FF with M$ office/excel royalties is not a Win in reality. its just copping...

to bad u kids ar M$ butt luvers or else youd see it for what it really was and is.

syanara4445d ago

since when was E3 something to win? isnt it a gaming cinvention to show off what each company has for games and hardware? does it matter who really does better I mean they are both gaming consoles I'm tired of people being fanboys before being gamers

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niall774446d ago


MS had the best Pre E3 Confrince, loads of demos(mostly multiplats), FFXIII bombshell

Sony had a meh pre E3 show but the best games on the floor as well as the most exclusive games. (they should have had more of the games they brought to e3 on stage)

Nintendo.. PUPPYS ARE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!