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Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer: 'Fast Action! Lots of Explosions!'

After a slight delay due to internet issues in the prior presentation, a pack of media people shuffled into a little room to hear all about Killzone 2. Guerilla Games' managing director, Hermen Hulst, looked slightly horrified that the horde of journalists had left the two women in the room to sit on the floor ('Someone please get her a chair!'), but Kotaku writers getting stuck on the floor be damned, the show will go on! Eric Boltjes - senior online game developer - launched into a presentation and explanation of Killzone 2 online multiplayer's unique features and mechanics.

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ToastyMcNibbles5616d ago

the game is definitely shaping up to be a hit...watching the gamespot multiplayer video got me so pumped especially seeing the sniper with the camo cloak and having the enemies tagged woo! its gonna be damn fun times when this is released cant wait!

UnSelf5616d ago

ah Toastman, everytime i see ur avatar i laugh a lil inside. U have the best avatar on this site. U and ThanatosDMC, Hilarious stuff

255616d ago

i was actually surprised at the amount of vids that gamespot showed of sony games.

inthekillzone5616d ago

im so pumped for this game!!!

UnSelf5616d ago

i cant wait for you to wait for him

Adriana Lima5616d ago

i cant wait for you to wait for him wait for him.

wAtdaFck5616d ago (Edited 5616d ago )

I can't wait for you to wait for him who's waiting for he who's also waiting for another one who's attentively waiting.

Whoooop5616d ago

I can't wait to break this chain.... sorry


Breakfast5616d ago

I cant wait for ps3 games... i bought an xbox.


Adriana Lima5616d ago

i can't wait for you to can't wait to break this chain.

ps3fosho5616d ago

ya breakfast and i couldn't wait for alan wake so i got a ps3

eagle215616d ago

I guess I can't wait for you all to wait for the one you thought was waiting for me. :P

Whoooop5616d ago

I can't wait for the heater, so I bought a 360...


Adriana Lima5616d ago

i can't wait for you to wait for that heater. (the plzfixme doesn't work well as a heater for long.)

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Stagerman5616d ago

the game looks really good but the only thing im worried about is the respawning thing, if someone can see where there gonna spawn and whos there before they spawn then you could basically spawn right behind someone to get a cheap kill. IMO there might be less spawn kills, but more kills by the spawned.

Darkiewonder5616d ago (Edited 5616d ago )

I'm sure MGO does that too. and since the health doesn't recover you just have to shoot them until they die when you respawn.

255616d ago (Edited 5616d ago )

you die you would be taken back to the battlefield in one of these things

doshey5616d ago

sounds like call of duty kinda which i may say was amazing just couldnt stay way from the lag and internet problems

themyk5616d ago

actually it looks like it completely destroys call of duty.

but thats just my opinion.

PimpHandHappy5616d ago

will destroy all other FPS's on the market!

just wait

ps3fosho5616d ago

im sorry to say but as great as this game may be nothings online will touch mag

pwnsause5616d ago (Edited 5616d ago )

i heard MAG is already in Beta 0_o just wait for the part he talks about MAG. Zipper does their stuff pretty fast!